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Molly's Miss Victory Outfit (2006 version).

Molly's Miss Victory Costume (also known as Molly's Miss Victory Outfit and Molly's Tap Outfit) was part of Molly's Collection.

The outfit was originally part of Molly's Winter Activities, a set released in 1990. The outfit was removed from the set in 1997 and released as a separate outfit in 1999. The first edition was retired in 2006 and rereleased later that year; it was finally retired in 2013 with Molly's collection archival.

The outfit was associated with the book Changes for Molly and the movie Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front. First release retail cost was $20. Second release retail cost was $28 and later increased to $32.

First Release

Molly's Miss Victory Costume (1990/1999), shown with meet shoes, red lacework anklets, and flag. The star shoots up to the left shoulder, but this version of the outfit appears to be a reversed image of the actual outfit.

The first version of the outfit was the same both in the initial 1990 release and when released as a separate outfit in 1999 after the retirement of Molly's Winter Activities.


Blue long sleeved satin top with red and silver trim at collar and cuffs. Silver star applique shooting from the right lower side up to the left shoulder; silver and red striped comet tail. Attached red, silver, and blue pleated skirt with red waistband.


Blue bloomer satin dance panties.


Sparkly silver paper crown with three stars.

Second Release

The second release included socks and tap shoes.


The top is now a full leotard; there are no longer separate panties. The red trim was removed from sleeves and collar. Applique design is the same.


The skirt, now separate from the top, has the same traits as when attached in the skirt, but has a silver waistband.


There were no major changes to the headband.


White ribbed anklet socks.


Black tap shoes with black ribbons on straps. In 2010 the taps were changed from metal to plastic.

Dress Like Your Doll

Children's Tap Dance Costume with Mary Janes.

The matching outfit was available:

  • Tap Dance Costume: $55
  • Mary Janes (White, Black, and Red): $34 and later $31[1]

Outfit came with suit, skirt, and sequin crown. It was phased out around 2000.

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  1. These were also advertised for children's matching Samantha and Kirsten outfits, particularly the white ones for the Lacy Pinafore and Rosebud Circlet and the Saint Lucia Gown.