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Molly's Christmas Box.

Molly's Christmas Box was introduced to Molly's Collection in 1986 and retired in 2009. It is associated with the book Molly's Surprise. Retail cost was $14 and later increased to $16.


Cardboard box tied with twine. Twenty-four blue stamps in upper-left hand corner. Black writing: "KEEP HIDDEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY!" on front and sides.


Nurse doll. Red cape trimmed with black. Red ribbon bow at collar on cap. Blue and white nurse dress with white apron. White stockings, shoes, and cap. Blue faux-leather satchel with button.

Snow Globe

Snowman snow globe with red base. Snowman dressed in white and red scarf with black top hat with mistletoe on the rim. Holding a bell in one hand. Has green mittens and a red earmuffs. Two wrapped presents at his feet. Green with blue ribbons and red with yellow.


  • The original snow globe had a spherical shape on a wooden base. It was revamped to its current form in 1994.
  • The original doll had black shoes, a Red Cross symbol on her cap, and a plain red cape. It was revamped to its current form in 1994.
  • While the doll did not have a formal name in the description, it is mentioned that Molly named her doll Katharine in Happy Birthday, Molly!.