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Molly’s Aviator Outfit

Molly’s Aviator Outfit was introduced to Molly's Collection as a Short Story outfit in 1999 and retired in 2006. It is associated with the short story Molly Takes Flight. Retail cost was $22.



The Fifinella WASP patch on jacket.

Dark brown vinyl faux leather aviator bomber jacket with brown knit trim. WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) logo on left breast. WASP logo is a suede patch with an applied sticker graphic of mascot, Fifinella. Interior of jacket is lined with black quilted material. Functional front pockets. Black zipper in the front with a snap at the top and bottom.


Khaki twill pants. Pants close with strip of velcro on right side.

Aviator Cap[]

Dark brown vinyl faux leather aviator cap with chin strap. Small faux wool-lined brim. Cap itself is lined with brown fleece. Chin strap has decorative silver buckle and connects on each side of the cap with a snap.


White neck scarf.

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