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"Mix and Match Sets" redirects here. For the original meet outfit for dolls, see Mix and Match Outfit. For the Bitty Baby set, see Mix and Match Outfits.
"AG Fashion Show" redirects here. For the sponsored charity shows from 1992 to 2016, see American Girl Fashion Show.

Modern Mix and Match Sets (advertised as the AG Fashion Show) are individual Truly Me clothing items and accessories that are advertised as a mix and match collection.[1]

Overview and History

The first collection of mix and match items was released in 2016. Since 2020 the they have also been titled as the AG Fashion Show.

Set components generally include a variety of items such as tops, dresses, shorts, skirts and shoes. Sometimes pants, overshirts, hats, and/or leggings are included; starting in 2018, the sets also included one accessory or accessory set. The Spring 2020 was the first to give collections a name. Items in each collection are not generally sold as complete set outfits; they are, however displayed (especially in stores) and bundled online as such.[2] Each article is designed to complement others across the set.

Sets were initially available together in stores for approximately six months before the next set was released; now they are available for approximately two to three months in stores and, though depreciated in stores, remain available online until retirement. Sets have since 2020 been advertised with the aid of online child influencers such as the Clements twins and McClure twins.

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Fall 2018

Summer/Fall 2019

Fall/Winter 2019

Spring 2020

The Berry Fresh Collection

Summer 2020

Cute at Heart Collection

Fall/Winter 2020

Snow Fancy Collection

Early Winter 2021

The Fiercely You Collection

These were made available together as the Fiercely You Ultimate Bundle for $154. It did not include the Packed with Power Duffel Bag and Accessories. The bundle offered no discount.

Spring 2021

The Sweet Street Collection

These were made available together as the Sweet Street Bundle for $144.00 which offered no discount.

Fall/Winter 2021

The Frosty Frills Collection

These were made available together as the Frosty Frills Bundle for $126.00 which offered no discount.


  1. There are occasionally small items labeled as AG Fashion Show but will not be listed here.
  2. The only exception is the Berry Fresh Collection which bundled several components into a single outfit; this is the only time this has been done as of 2021.