For the original meet outfit for dolls, see Mix and Match Outfit.

Modern Mix and Match Sets are sets of modern clothing, part of the Truly Me line, that are individual clothing components sold separately. The items are not sold as complete outfits, though they are often displayed (especially in stores) and bundled online as such. Each article can generally complement others across the set.

Set components generally include a variety of items such as tops, dresses, shorts, skirts and shoes. Sometimes pants, overshirts, hats, and/or leggings are included; starting in 2018, the sets also included one accessory or accessory set. The Spring 2020 collection bundled several components into a single outfit as well as giving the collection a name, which was also done with later collections.

Sets were initially available together in stores for approximately six months before the next set was released; now they are available for approximately two to three months and are sometimes available online until retirement.

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Fall 2018

Summer/Fall 2019

Fall/Winter 2019

Spring 2020

The Berry Fresh Collection

Summer 2020

Cute at Heart Collection

Fall/Winter 2020

Snow Fancy Collection

Spring 2021

The Fiercely You Collection


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