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The Current Meet outfit, the Sparkle and Shine Outfit.

The Modern Character Meet Outfit (known variously as the American Girl of Today Meet Outfit, Just Like You Meet Outfit, My American Girl Meet Outfit, and Truly Me Meet Outfit) is the outfit an American Girl of Today, Just Like You, My American Girl, or Truly Me doll arrives in.[1]

Although modern dolls do not have stories of their own created by the company, the same term is used as for Historical Characters for convenience. The meet outfit changes roughly every two years to follow the changes of modern fashion for children.

In 2010, codes were bundled with all meet outfits for use on Innerstar University, so outfits were not available separately. Starting with the Lilac Dress (which was available separately) meet outfits were paired down to simple components with accompanying accessories including clothing components to expand the look. Starting again with the Truly Me Outfit, outfits were not available separately from a doll purchase.

In 2021, three dolls--Just Like You 89, 90, and 91--each came with specifically unique meet outfits and a shared set of complementing accessories.


Each outfit has a set of matching accessories that is sold with a doll at a discount when bundled.

Originally, accessories maintained the same components, much like the Historical Characters' meet accessories. As time has passed, however, the components have changed and only a few items have remained standard, namely the miniature $1 notes and the bag or purse. Older items included a miniature American Girl Magazine, library card and a piece of jewelry.[2]

In 2008, the Star Hoodie Outfit was paired with the Phone and Charms Set as an accessory.

In 2010 no accessories were sold separately.[3] Starting with the Truly Me Outfit, accompanying accessories included a smartphone, case, and swappable screens.

List of Modern Meet Outfits

At this point, the line was renamed "Just Like You."
At this point, the line was renamed "My American Girl"
At this point, the line was renamed "Truly Me".

In 2018, with the release of boy dolls, a boy's meet outfit was released.

List of Modern Meet Accessories

This set was not specifically sold as accessories for the Star Hoodie meet outfit.


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  2. Charm necklaces came with newly purchased dolls between 2010 to 2015 and were not included with accessory sets during that time period.
  3. While the Everyday Accessories contained items commonly seen in previous Meet Accessories (mainly the library card, bag, and pretend money), they were were paired as the complementary set to the Innerstar U Outfit.
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