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Miss AG Bear is a teddy bear that was sold by American Girl (under Pleasant Company) as a short-lived line from about 1994 to 1996. The bear was marketed both as the mascot of American Girl Magazine and an extension of the American Girl of Today line.


The bear was from a relationship between Pleasant Company and Steiff, a German-based plush toy company founded in 1880 and known for high-quality plush animals. Steiff did not manufacture any bears for Pleasant Company; however the company was known for creating some of the first released teddy bears and the body shape is similar to the older style of jointed teddy bears.

Miss AG Bear

Miss AG Bear is a 16" tall stuffed jointed bear with tan fur, cloth hand and foot pads, black safety button eyes, and an embroidered black nose and mouth. Joints are at the head, arms, and legs.

The bear could be purchased with no clothing for $18.


Miss AG Bear had a total of eight outfits; they could either be purchased separately or with the bear and dressed for higher costs. These outfits can be mistaken for American Girl of Today outfits (especially in secondary listings) but are slightly too large to fit on an 18" doll.

  • Meet Miss AG Bear Outfit: The outfit was similar to the Mix and Match Outfit. It consisted of a denim skirt and maroon vest, bucket hat with sunflower, an AG watch, a mini American Girl magazine, and a backpack.
  • Warm-Up Outfit: A three piece pink and yellow warm up outfit with a yellow tank top and a whistle.
  • Sailor Suit: A sailor outfit with a top, skirt, jacket and hat.
  • Winter Parka: Purple quilted parka, black pants, black turtle-neck shirt, purple ski cap, and purple knit mittens.
  • Miss AG Beach Bear Wear: Black bathing suit with flower print and American Girl text logo on it. American Girl logo towel, sunglasses and black and white striped visor.
  • Satin Holiday P.J.'s: Red satin pajamas and bow headband.
  • Miss AG Bear Slumber Shirt : also known as the Bear Slumber Outfit, this is a turquoise nightshirt and headband. The set resembles the American Girl of Today Slumber Shirt. Retail cost was $10.
  • Soft N' Shiny Outfit: Pink satin shirt with rhinestone buttons, black felt jumper, and black headband.

As an American Girl Accessory

A Mini Miss AG Bear was sold with the Slumber Shirt and Mini Bear and the Bean Bag Chair, Bear and Games.


  • Due to recent (at the time) federal toy safety regulations, no Miss AG Bear Products could have Grin Pins included as a bonus with purchase.

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