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Miss AG Bear was a teddy bear sold by American Girl. Marketed as the Mascot of American Girl Magazine, she was part of a short-lived line from about 1994 to 1996.

Miss AG Bear

Miss AG Bear was a 16" tall stuffed jointed bear.

The bear could be purchased with no clothing for $18 or in an outfit for an adjusted price. She had several modern outfits which could be purchased separately.

  • Meet Miss AG Bear Outfit
This was like the Mix and Match Outfit and consisted of a denim skirt and maroon vest, bucket hat with sunflower, an AG watch, a mini American Girl magazine, and a backpack.
  • Warm-Up Outfit
A three piece pink and yellow warm up outfit with a yellow tank top and a whistle.
  • Sailor Suit
A sailor outfit with a top, skirt, jacket and hat.
  • Winter Parka
Purple quilted parka, black pants, black turtle-neck shirt, purple ski cap, and black mittens.
  • Miss AG Beach Bear Wear
Black bathing suit with flower print and American Girl on it. American Girl logo towel, sunglasses and black and white striped visor.
  • Satin Holiday P.J.'s
Red satin pajamas and bow headband.
  • Miss AG Bear Slumber Shirt (also known as the Bear Slumber Outfit)
Turquoise nightshirt and headband; resembles the American Girl of Today Slumber Shirt. Retail cost was $10.
  • Soft N' Shiny Outfit
Pink satin shirt with rhinestone buttons, black felt jumper, and black headband.

As an American Girl Accessory

A Mini Miss AG Bear was sold with the Slumber Shirt and Mini Bear and the Bean Bag Chair, Bear and Games.


Due to recent-at-the-time federal toy safety regulations, no Miss AG Bear Products could have Grin Pins included as a bonus with purchase.

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