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For the modern quick-mystery book, see Mini Mysteries.

Minute Mysteries: Brainteasers, Puzzlers, and Stories to Solve is a puzzle mystery book, focused on the Historical Characters. It was later followed by Minute Mysteries 2.


The puzzle stories are in the style of Encyclopedia Brown stories, with each excerpt integrating clues. At the end of each story is a riddle--the "mystery"--to solve, with the answer on back pages (and noted in the story on which page) in variant orientations.

Each short mystery takes a sample excerpt from one of the Historical Characters' Central Series, Short Stories, or other books. The stories are mixed together in the book, but in the table of contents are separated on the table of contents into either one-minute teasers, three-minute stories, or five-minute puzzlers. Every Historical Character at the time is included in at least one story.

One-Minute Teasers are quickly answered brainteasers or puzzles. Three Minutes Stories are longer stories with integrated clues that help answer the question. Five-Minute puzzlers generally are somewhat advanced grid logic puzzles.


One-Minute Teasers

Three-Minute Stories

Five-Minute Puzzlers

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