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These are minor characters in the Tenney Grant books.

Aunt Aisha[]

Mrs. Mitra's sister. She and her daughter, Mina, live in Bangladesh.

Portia Burns[]

A resident at Lillian Street Senior Center. She had previously been a popular country music singer, performing under the name "Patty Burns". Georgia Grant was a big fan of her when she was a teenager. She briefly quit music after suffering a stroke that paralyzed her chord hand, but later made a comeback with Tenney's help. She has gray hair.

Ellie Cale[]

The A&R coordinator for Mockingbird Records. She invites Tenney to perform at Mockingbird's talent showcase at the Bluebird Cafe in Tenney.

Zane Cale[]

The head of Mockingbird Records and the uncle of Ellie Cale. He meets Tenney in Tenney and offers to be her manager, to assist in developing her music and find performing gigs. He is described as having straight silver hair.

Ms. Carter[]

Tenney's teacher. She helps organize the school's annual Jamboree in Tenney.

Aubrey Grant[]

Tenney's seven-year-old sister. She's a big fan of Belle Starr and often listens to her songs, annoying her siblings. She wants to join her father's band, the Tri-Stars, and can play accordion.

Georgia Grant[]

Tenney's mother. She was the previous lead singer for the Tri-Stars before quitting to pursue her food truck, Georgia's Genuine Tennessee Hot Chicken. She was almost signed onto a record contract when she was sixteen, but the producer wanted her to dye her hair blonde, wear heels, and act differently. When she refused, he kept the rights to her songs and told other producers that she was hard to work with, making it impossible for her to work in the industry. While she is happy where she is, she is worried that the same thing might happen to Tenney.

She is described as having carrot-colored hair, and can play the Autoharp.

Mason Grant[]

Tenney's seventeen-year-old brother. He plays the drums in the Tri-Stars and has an interest for rewiring musical gear. He can play the mandolin and the drums, something he bonds with Logan over.

Raymond "Ray" Grant[]

Tenney's father. He's the owner of the music shop Grant's Music and Collectibles, and plays bass guitar for the Tri-Stars. He can play anything with strings.

Holliday Hayes[]

A girl at Tenney's school. She comes from a wealthy family and her father is the vice president at Silver Sun Records. While she can sometimes act stuck-up and is at first antagonistic towards Tenney, the two later become good friends.

Mrs. Hayes[]

The mother of Holliday Hayes. She compliments Tenney after hearing her performance at the Bluebird Cafe in Tenney.


The former lead singer for the Tri-Stars. She replaced Mrs. Grant when she quit and later left the band. Mason views her as being stuck up while Tenney believed she had everything it took to be a band's lead singer.


Jaya's cousin. She lives in Bangladesh and had visited Nashville the previous year, meeting Tenny and introducing her to Bengali music.

Jaya Mitra[]

Tenney's best friend. She has a passion for art and enjoys designing her own signature fonts. She is incredibly supportive of Tenney's career, though she can get upset when her new busy schedule gets in the way of their friendship.

Mrs. Mitra[]

Jaya's mother. Her sister Aisha resides in Bangladesh.

Ms. Pavone[]

The Grants's next door neighbor. She wears enormous purple glasses.


The sound engineer at Shake Rags Records.

Belle Star[]

A popular singer signed with Silver Sun Records. One of her hits is "Star Like Me".