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Jessie's infant son. His birth is why Jessie initially quits working for Mary Edwards as she must stay home and watch him (which she explains to Nellie and Samantha when they go to look for her). Once Jessie comes back to work, she brings Nathaniel with her.

In Samantha's Surprise, Samantha has written and illustrated a picture book for him as a gift.

Due to the removal of the chapters he was present in, he is not present in Samantha: The Gift.

Captain Newman[]

The captain of the R.M.S. Queen Caroline. He is a distingushed looking man with steel-grey hair, thick brows, and a short beard.

He's acquainted with Archibald Beemis and they know each other well, and as the captain of the ship he is in charge of the goings-on on the vessel.

As there are very few first-class passengers aboard, they spend suppers dining in his personal dining room.

Annie O'Callghan[]

An Irish girl on the S.S. Londonia. Her family arrived in America two years ago in 1904, but as her father could not find work (since people will not hire Irish) they are returning to Ireland. Samantha describes her as thin and kind and takes a picture of her[1] and gives Samantha her address to write her.

Jamie O'Connor[]

A teenage boy of about seventeen or eighteen. He is tall and very thin. He knew Nellie before she was adopted; his father helped Mr. O'Malley when he and his wife first immigrated from Ireland, and Nellie says that it's been a long time since she's seen him.

In The Stolen Sapphire he is first seen following the girls as they are heading home, as he recognizes Nellie. He cuts them off on the next block and he and Nellie recognize each other and he says that Nellie has done well for herself. When Nellie protests, he says that he only wants to talk to her--and, suspicious of Samantha, says alone. The two talk in a side yard and he gives Nellie a small package she initially protests but, while Samantha is looking away, she takes it. A policeman spots him and he runs off too quickly to be caught, and when the policeman returns he says that boys like him beg and steal rather than do honest work and not to trust him.

The package he gave Nellie is later discovered to be money--thirty dollars in bills that he has asked Nellie to mail in Queenstown, Ireland, so that his cousin Rory can immigrate to America. He had promised to send it to Rory, but no longer trusts sending it by post as his last package to Rory with money never arrived. Nellie initially didn't want to, but felt obligated because of their fathers helping each other. She successfully sends the money to Rory with help from the Admiral.

Mr. O'Malley[]

Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny's father, whom they call Da or Pa. He immigrated from Ireland and, in Meet Samantha, works in a factory in New York City. When the family is hired by the Van Sicklens, he is hired as the driver and gardener. He dies in December 1905 of influenza along with his wife, which is why the girls must return to New York City and live with his brother Mike O'Malley.

In Samantha: The Gift Nellie's family is not seen, as events are moved around so that only Nellie is present in Mount Bedford and the rest of her family is still back in New York City. Nellie later must return to New York City because Mrs. O'Malley is ill with influenza and Nellie has to help her father with her sisters.

In the movie he is played by Kenner Ames and is a widower, his wife having died the previous winter of influenza; he dies of influenza in fall 1904.

Mrs. O'Malley[]

Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny's mother, whom they call Ma or Mam. She immigrated from Ireland and, in Meet Samantha, takes in washing in New York City. When the family is hired by the Van Sicklens, she is hired to cook, clean, and do laundry. She and her husband both die in December 1905 of influenza, which is why the girls must return to New York City. Nellie promised her mother as she was dying that she would always keep her younger sisters safe and take care of them, a promise Nellie takes very seriously.

In Samantha: The Gift Nellie's family is not seen, as events are moved around so that only Nellie is present in Mount Bedford and the rest of her family is still back in New York City. Nellie later must return to New York City because Mrs. O'Malley is ill with influenza.

In the film Mrs. O' Malley has already died of influenza the prior winter, so no role is cast for her. Nellie is stated to have eyes like hers by her father.

Mr. Parkington[]

Samantha's father and the husband of Lydia Parkington. He died with his wife in a boating accident at Piney Point, leaving Samantha an orphan when she was five. Very little is revealed about him through the course of the series.


A brown-furred Central American monkey who is a pet of Professor Wharton.

The Professor found Plato a few weeks before their boarding in a marketplace in Central America, where the other monkeys were picking on him and purchased him as a pet. He is being cared for in part by Henry, who appears to initially care for him, and has yet to be trained to behave so causes mischief such as jumping around during mealtimes.

When Henry is caught with the Blue Star that he's stolen and arrested, part of his angry outburst is that he won't have to put up with the "blasted" monkey anymore, indicating his true feelings towards Plato.

Alice Pitt[]

Cornelia, Agnes, and Agatha Pitt's younger sister. She is three years old at the time of the spring wedding in 1905 and wants to do what her older twin sisters do and play with them. She is fond of hide and seek.

In Samantha Saves the Wedding, she accidentally ruins Cornelia's veil by chopping it up to dress up and play "bride" with the older girls.

In Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, a character similar to Alice is cast called "Agatha." She destroys Cornelia's veil while playing with it accidentally catching it against a heating curling iron over open flame and setting it afire.

In Samantha: The Gift Agnes is aged up to four years old. Cornelia describes her as trying to keep up with her sisters but having trouble being younger; she always means well, but has a way of getting into pickles, and that it must be hard for her to be much younger than her sisters.

Mrs. Pitt[]

The mother of Cornelia, Alice, Agnes, and Agatha Pitt. She has a piercing voice. She is married to Horace Pitt, going by the name Mrs. Horace Pitt.

In Samantha Saves the Wedding, her house is where the wedding is being held. She says that she doesn't think that Samantha, Agnes, and Agatha are old enough to be proper bridesmaids and worries about their immaturity.

In The Curse of Ravenscourt, Cornelia goes to visit her in Connecticut.

Arthur Porterfield[]

An artist. Archibald Beemis commissions him to paint three watercolor paintings as a birthday present to Mary Edwards-Beemis in The Cry of the Loon.

It is later deduced by Samantha that he courted Mary when she was a young woman and painted a miniature portrait that she kept in a locket. He changed his name from Altus Potter as the new name more suited a painter. Grandmary describes him as being charming and always having fun, but was rather irresponsible at the time and wasn't sure what he was going to do with his life with no plans at the time for his or their future, so she married William Edwards.

Eloise Raven[]

Horace Raven's daughter, in The Curse of Ravenscourt. Eloise mentions that she went to Miss Penwald's Academy, the same school as Cornelia.

Horace Raven[]

The owner of Ravenscourt, a hotel in New York City. He appears in The Curse of Ravenscourt.


The footman at Lockston Castle.

Annabeth Ross[]

A young woman the protagonist and Samantha meet in The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha. She's on her final month of training with Dr. Barnett, later hoping to begin her own practice. She assists Dr. Barnett by adjusting the lamp during the protagonist's examination.


A laundry girl hired by Mary Edwards who was not expected to arrive at the Edwards household until the end of summer 1904.[2]

Ruby is only mentioned in The Lilac Tunnel, and it is possible for the unnamed protagonist to take on Ruby's identity if the reader chooses so.[3]

Mr. Ryland[]

Eddie Ryland's father. He attends Mary Edwards's dinner party with his family in The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha.

Mrs. Ryland[]

Eddie Ryland's mother. She has a rasping voice. She initially hired Nellie O'Malley as a worker, but sent her back because she wasn't healthy. When Nellie's family is hired by Mrs. Van Sicklen, she thinks that it's a disgrace for the family to live there and questions Samantha spending time with the girls.

Charles Stallsworth[]

An English knight and old friend of Archibald Beemis. He appears in Clue in the Castle Tower.

Emily Stallsworth[]

Charles's late wife. She is mentioned as having passed away six months prior to the events of Clue in the Castle Tower. Her portrait is on the book's cover.

Henry and Ian Stallsworth[]

Charles and Emily's twin nephews. They are in Clue in the Castle Tower.

Miss Stevens[]

Samantha's teacher at Miss Crampton's Academy for Girls. She wears gold rimmed spectacles that, to Samantha, seem to see everything.

In the movie, she tries to disqualify Samantha after the speech contest for having changed her speech from her original submission.

Hildy Stewart[]

A maid hired by Cornelia Edwards to accompany Samantha and Nellie from New York City to Piney Point in The Cry of the Loon.


A girl in Samantha and Nellie's school in New York City from a well to do family. She went on a hot air balloon ride for her eighth birthday and wants to marry a duke like Consuelo Vanderbilt when she is older and live in a castle.

Trapper Jim[]

A hunting and fishing guide who worked around the mountains and the lakes of the Adirondacks. He and Archibald Beemis became friends in summer 1906.

Mrs. Van Sicklen[]

The woman who hires the O'Malleys as a family. She hires the whole family to work for her. She is a larger character in Samantha and the Missing Pearls. When Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley die, she sends Nellie and her sisters away.

Clarisse Van Sicklen[]

A student in Samantha's class. She is likely a relative or the daughter of Mr. and Ms. Van Sicklen and is friends with Edith Eddleton.

Bertie Vanderhoff[]

The young son of Robert and Mrs. Vanderhoff.

Robert and Mrs. Vanderhoff[]

A wealthy couple from Buffalo, New York seen touring Paris in Danger in Paris.

Mr. Vanderhoff is the owner of Vanderhoff's Mills, which he boasts sells the finest wheat flour in New York.

Mrs. Vandergeld[]

A woman who, along with her husband, are well acquainted with Gardner and Cornelia Edwards in the movie. She and her husband are the largest donators to Coldrock House and when Mrs. Frouchy's misdeeds come to light, Mrs. Vandergeld personally confronts her and dismisses her from position.

Mrs. VanVorst[]

The teacher of the kindergarten classes at the settlement house; described as stout and kindly.


An orphaned girl who works as a housemaid in the Samantha's Mystery Party Game.

It is later revealed she is actually Gertrude's long lost daughter, Pearl.

Fitzwilliam Wharton[]

A renowned archaeologist (with the title Professor). He is short and round with pink cheeks and bald except for a fringe of white above his ears and wears wire-rimmed glasses.

In The Stolen Sapphire he is transporting the Blue Star sapphire to London to be displayed in a museum after searching for it for several years. He prefers to carry the gemstone on him personally rather than secure it in a safe aboard--while there is superstition that the Blue Star brings bad luck to its possessor, it is more he feels it his responsibility to carry it, and has it in a small locked green box he keeps in his coat. He wishes to donate it to a museum rather than sell it for any sum of money as it has historical significance and should be shared with the world rather than owned privately.

When the Blue Star goes missing, he is stressed at the loss and has dark circles forming under his eyes.

When it is accurately deduced that his nephew, Harry Wharton, has tried to steal the Blue Sapphire to sell for money, it is found in a package addressed to him, as he has left shipping back books to Harry and doesn't fuss with it much. One of the books is not his, and is found to be hollowed out and containing the missing sapphire. Professor Wharton is not only hurt that Harry stole from him, but furthermore cannot forgive that he tried to point the blame at Nicole Étienne in order to get away with it. He decides he will decide what to do with his nephew once they are in London.

Harry Wharton[]

The nephew of Professor Wharton; his full name is Harrison Wharton III. He is tall and athletic looking with wavy dark hair and wire rimmed glasses. Harry is accompanying his uncle to London as his assistant to escort the Blue Star Sapphire and also taking care of the Professor's new pet monkey, Plato; he is also trusted to send books back home and the Professor leaves the details to him.

It is deduced by Samantha and Nellie--who don't believe that their accused tutor, Nicole Étienne, is the thief--that Harry is the culprit.

They explain how he would have possibly cause the night's disturbance, explaining to the Captain and others how the disturbance was done at dinner with pins, chewing gum, and string to pull the tablecloth to make it look like someone on the opposite side of the table (where he was not seated) tugged it instead. Harry initially scoffs, claiming that the girls are making up theories to clear their tutor's name and want to believe it is anyone else. After Jack's (correct) deduction that the sapphire might not have been in the box at all that night, Professor Wharton reveals that Harry got into criminal and legal trouble when younger (possibly playing cards or gambling, as the Professor says that he is very good at cards), explaining the motive for the theft and saying every possibility must be explored. Harry then angrily demands that the others search him and everything he owns--but that the sapphire won't be found because he doesn't have it.

Harry is smug the next morning (as the ship approaches Queenstown, Ireland) to Nellie and Samantha, calling them the "girl detectives" and that a full search of him and all his things turned up nothing. Nellie asks to get past him firmly and Harry yells that next time they should think before accusing someone. Samantha's mention of the post going out (which will be taking Jamie's package of money) gets Nellie to realize that a package could contain the sapphire, and when the outgoing mail is stopped by the Captain and Admiral Beemis, inside is a heavy square package labeled Books and addressed from the Professor to Harry. Harry and the Professor are summoned to the day room, and Harry enters angrily saying he was trying to sleep when he sees the package and asks why it's there. He then refuses to open it, saying it's private. He tries to leave when the Professor starts to open the package--since it, presumably, was sent by him--but is stopped by Captain Newman and a steward.

The book among the three inside the package that the Professor doesn't recognize is actually hollowed out; inside, in a velvet pouch, is the Blue Star, confirming Harry's theft. When confronted by his uncle how he could have done such a thing, Harry tries to turn the blame and claims that it's his uncle's fault, as they could have gotten a fortune for selling it but his uncle doesn't care that Harry needs money and the Professor cares more about archaeology than his family's needs. He also claims--when his uncle says he can't be forgiven for trying to pin the crime on Nicole--that nothing would have happened to her with no proof against her; this is ignoring that Nicole was confined to another cabin, had lost her tutoring job once accused, and would have likely been formally arrested and charged with the theft in London--and even if she was not made to serve time, rumors of being a thief would mean she likely never could get work as a French tutor again.

Harry is taken into custody by a steward on Captain Newman and the Professor's orders to be locked up until London, and as he is taken out of the room by he yells that at least he won't have to put up with "that blasted monkey" anymore, revealing his honest feelings about Plato.

Helen Whitney[]

One of Samantha's classmates. In Samantha Learns a Lesson, she passes a note to Samantha asking, "What the dickens does la gorge mean?" Samantha tries to tell her the throat through hints, but she mistakenly says "neck." She is the first to give her speech on progress in the school competition.

She and her sister perform in the talent show together as singers in Samantha's Special Talent.

In Samantha: The Gift she and Edith Eddleton are seen walking home with linked arms when they see Samantha with Nellie. Before Samantha can introduce Nellie, Helen speaks up and says she's dressed like a servant, and is then tugged along by Edith. Later she is seen with Edith at the start of school, and titters when Edith asks rudely about Nellie to Samantha. Her speech is stated to be about electric lights.

Mr. Winthrop[]

The manager at Ravenscourt. In The Curse of Ravenscourt, he is paid by Mr. Enderby to cause various accidents to scare residents away from Ravenscourt.


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