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This is a list of minor characters in the Saige Copeland books and movie.

Mrs. Applegate[]

Saige's fourth-grade teacher. She is supportive of their arts program initiative and tells the students that she and the other teachers plan to incorporate art into their daily curriculum more often.

She is played by Stephanie Sy in the movie.


Luis's wife, who works with fabric in Navajo designs. She is part Navajo herself, and she is a quilter, a weaver, and a baker. Their home is filled with her quiltwork and Luis' tinwork. She and Luis typically sell their art at the Balloon Fiesta. Carmen calls Mrs. Copeland after Mimi's accident and keeps an eye on Saige and Gabi when they do ranch chores after Mimi's accident. Carmen also gives them biscochitos, which she makes year-round; these are sugar cookies and the state cookie of New Mexico. Before the fiesta's bake sale, Carmen and Gabi go over to the Copelands' house to help Saige make biscochitos for the sale. She and Luis help take care of Mimi's ranch while she's recovering from her accident. Carmen harvests vegetables from the garden for Mimi.

Carmen isn't seen or mentioned in the movie.


A friend of Mimi's who is in charge of organizing the fiesta. She also attends Saige's arts program press conference in Saige Paints the Sky.

David Copeland[]

Saige's father, who loves to fly hot air balloons. He flies balloons for recreation as well as for customers. He is also a commercial airline pilot who flies out of the Albuquerque International Sunport. Mimi is his mother.

He is played by Kerr Smith in the movie.

Marina Copeland[]

Saige's mother, who is a math professor at a local university.[1] She is not a morning person, which means she is usually tired and has coffee if she's helping her husband with early morning balloon launches.

She is played by Laurel Harris in the movie.

Miriam Copeland[]

Saige's paternal grandmother,[2] nicknamed Mimi, who loves horses and painting. Mimi has tanned skin from spending so much time outdoors, and she is in her sixties. She is active outdoors on her ranch but slows down to paint more when Saige visits. She is an artist and used to trick ride horses. In Saige, she breaks her femur and wrist in an accident.[3] Mimi lives in a more rural area, almost the last stop on the school bus route, and she owns several horses as well as a border collie, Rembrandt. Mimi belongs to a local Oil Painters' Society that plans an arts fiesta to raise money for local arts programs.

She is played by Jane Seymour in the movie.

Agnes Fane[]

The aunt of Saige's old art teacher. She and Mimi become friends in the rehab center in Saige Paints the Sky. Agnes had broken her hip.

Miss Fane[]

Saige's old art teacher. She has a curly blonde bob cut and smiles often. Saige mentions her in her first book, but sees her again at Mimi's rehab center in Saige Paints the Sky. Miss Fane encourages their efforts with starting an after-school art program and re-starting art therapy at the rehab center. She and her aunt paint with Saige, Gabi, and Mimi in the center, along with other rehab patients. She also keeps in touch with Saige about their after-school art campaign, and she tells Saige that she needs to talk to the principal, Mrs. Laird, about holding a press conference. Miss Fane also attends the press conference.

She isn't seen or mentioned in the movie.


One of Mimi's horses. She is an older horse who is the mother of some of the other horses.


Mimi's four-year-old bay mare horse. Like all of Mimi's horses, she is part of the Spanish Barb strain. She is a slender mare and is red-brown with a black mane and tail. Saige and Luis describe her as thoughtful and intelligent. In Saige Paints the Sky, Luis helps Saige get accustomed to riding her. Mimi is frustrated in rehab because she had been hoping to have Georgia trained and ready to sell by October so she can go to an owner who can give her the attention she deserves.

When Saige has the opportunity to do an art project for her history class, she chooses to paint Georgia with a conquistador on her to highlight the history of the Spanish Barbs. Mimi ultimately gives Georgia to Saige as a birthday gift.

Tessa Jablonsky[]

Saige's best friend since kindergarten who loves music. She specifically enjoys singing and playing the guitar. She also likes jewelry, such as jingly earrings. Tessa has wavy blonde hair, wide cheekbones, and a short, upturned nose. Tessa attended a music camp with Dylan the summer before fourth grade, and she is determined to put in more practice hours during the school year, which causes some tension with Saige. She lives far enough from Saige's house that they have to bike or get a car ride to visit each other's homes. She performs at the arts fiesta with the rest of her music group.

In Saige Paints the Sky, Tessa attends Luis' jewelry-making class at Mimi's rehab center with Saige. Tessa makes a turquoise spoon ring that she later gives to Saige for her birthday. She enjoys making jewelry and comments positively about art. Tessa is also encouraging in Saige's push for an after-school arts program, which helps mend their relationship after their arguments earlier in the year.

She is portrayed by Alex Peters in the movie.

Mrs. Laird[]

Saige's school principal. Saige, Tessa, Gabi, and Dylan talk to her about holding a press conference for their after-school arts program. She also agrees that art and music are important, and she works to help make art classes happen by November.

She is portrayed by Rebecca Gibson in the movie.


Mimi's neighbor and friend, who helps out with her horses and rides with Saige. He is a silversmith and blacksmith. Luis works with tin, his own form of art that dates back to early Spanish colonists. His work is displayed in his house along with Carmen's quiltwork, and he and Carmen often sell their art at the Balloon Fiesta. Luis is descended from these colonists. He always wears black and silver, and he is described as tall and sturdy. He helps out with some chores on Mimi's ranch after her accident. He comes to visit her in the hospital, and he also cuts a lock of Picasso's mane and braids it into a silver bracelet for Mimi as a gift. Luis used to be a cowboy and enjoys working with horses. He also enjoys singing corridos, which are Mexican ballads about outlaws and bandits.

In Saige Paints the Sky, he helps Saige train Georgia, and he also volunteers at Mimi's rehab center to teach jewelry making as part of art therapy.

He is played Omar Paz Trujillo in the movie.

Dylan Patterson[]

Saige's classmate, who prefers singing to art. She is very opinionated and wants to be a singer when she grows up and devotes her life to practicing. She is tall with brown hair. She and Tessa became close in their music summer camp, which causes some tension with Saige when they return in the fall for fourth grade.

In Saige Paints the Sky, Dylan suggests a strike to bring attention to the after-school art class campaign, and Saige comes up with the idea to do a "Day of Beige" and all dress in beige. Dylan's mother is a newspaper reporter, and she asks her to write a story about it to bring it attention. Dylan tends to have a negative attitude, which Saige and Gabi realize is not helpful in advocating for their program. However, Dylan makes a strong, positive statement at their press conference, and Saige changes her usual birthday balloon riding plans to make sure she doesn't exclude Dylan. Instead, she decides to have a birthday party with her friends and spend her balloon ride with Mimi. She and Dylan share a smile at the party, and Saige realizes she now considers them friends.

In the film, she is antagonistic to Saige's ideas, which is enough for the two to have a fight in school.

She is played by Mika Abdalla in the movie.

Pamela Patterson[]

Dylan's mom, who is a newspaper reporter. She is very talkative like her daughter. She recommends that the students organize a press conference about their Day of Beige. Saige is nervous about the prospect of a press conference, but learns from her grandmother that she needs to step outside her comfort zone to challenge herself.

She is portrayed by Kate Gajdosik in the movie.

Gabi Peña[]

Saige's friend who is patient and loves animals. She wants to be an animal trainer when she grows up. She teaches Saige how to train horses and dogs. She is described by Saige's mother as a "miracle worker" when she helps manage Sam and Rembrandt when they stay together at the Copelands' house. She also teaches Picasso some tricks for the arts fiesta so she and Saige can perform a show with him. Gabi has brown skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. She is new to their neighborhood and the school at the beginning of fourth grade.

She has a four-year-old brother named Roberto and a baby sister.

She is played by Alana Gordillo in the movie.

Mrs. Peña[]

Gabi's mother, who had promised they could get a dog once they settled in at their new home. She has a lot to manage at their new house with her three children, and she tells Gabi that they can get a dog from the shelter on her birthday in December.


Mimi's 27-year-old horse. He is white with black speckles. Picasso is part of a rare strain of horse called a Spanish Barb, which was brought to the United States by conquistadors. He is spirited but is easy to ride, and Mimi has a strong bond with him after years of training and performing. Saige practices with Picasso so she can lead him in the arts fiesta parade. Saige and Gabi also train him to do some tricks so they can perform with him at the fiesta.


Mimi's border collie. His brother is Sam, Saige's dog.


Saige's border collie. Saige takes him on walks in the neighborhood. His brother is Rembrandt, her grandmother Mimi's dog. He is named after Sam Savitt, who is known for horse paintings and wrote Saige's favorite how-to art book.


A kitten that was abandoned near Mimi's house. Mimi takes her in over the summer, and Stella gets along with Rembrandt. However, Mimi trips and has an accident when Stella and Rembrandt are playing. Mimi names her Stella after an abstract artist, Frank Stella.


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