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These are minor characters in the Nicki Fleming books.


A friend of Heather's. She's a rich kid that recently moved in.


One of Nicki's best friends. She met her before the events of the book. She lives on a ranch like Nicki does, though her family raises chickens instead of pigs, and loves to ski. She can be a little possessive of Nicki, and gets easily jealous when she's hanging out with someone else.

She has thick, red hair that she wears in a ponytail and funky black glasses that Nicki helped her pick out.

Mrs. Braxter[]

Nicki's favorite teacher. She has blue eyes and likes to decorate her classroom; she has recently given birth to a baby boy. She asks Nicki to be on the Gala Decorating Committee, and is proud of what the group accomplishes.


A friend of Nicki and Becca. She likes to go skiing but normally doesn't have anyone to go with her, so Becca starts taking her while Nicki is busy. She is said to have her own best friend.

Adam Fleming[]

Nicki's younger brother. He has messy brown hair and a lot of freckles. He is in the second grade in Nicki and third grade in Thanks to Nicki, and Nicki often has to help him with his Math homework. Though he and his sister often argue, to varying degrees of playfulness, he also loves Sprocket and is devastated when the dog is taken away. He eventually gets a hamster named Chip. His catchphrase is "No way, Jose."

Joan Fleming[]

Nicki's mother. She used to train service dogs before Nicki and her brother were born. She is pregnant during the events of Nicki's books and gives birth to twin girls.

Kristine and Rebecca Fleming[]

Nicki's newborn baby sisters. Kristine is named after Kris and Rebecca is named after Becca.

Mr. Fleming[]

Nicki's father. He owns a pig ranch, which is why the family lives so far out of town. He is very smart, and spends a lot of time either working with the animals or on financials. He likes to go riding horses with Nicki. He calls her "Snicker."


A girl in Nicki's class. Her family recently moved to the nearby town, and are very rich; she has her own phone and lots of shoes. She was on the Gala Decorating Committee with Kris and Nicki, and her and Kris often stampeded over Nicki's ideas or suggestions, though they couldn't come up with their own. She was also very disrespectful towards Sprocket's training, often trying to pet him and get him to play while he was on duty. She doesn't like being told "No" and can often pressure others into doing what she wants. She has a habit of tapping her pencil in a rat-a-tat-tat pattern when she's thinking; Nicki thinks it might be a reflection of her interest in music, as it mimics a drumbeat.

Her hair color is not described in the books, but she is illustrated with blonde hair; her hair often falls over her shoulders. She and Kris do ballet on Monday afternoons.

Miss Hollister[]

A librarian in Nicki's town. She knows a lot of information, including about service dogs, since her neighbor has one.


See also Jackson the Horse

Nicki's horse.


A boy in Nicki's class.


One of Nicki's best friends. They met after both being asked onto the Gala Decorating Committee. Kris is one of the newer people to the area who lives in the suburbs, and her family is very rich. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is an attorney; the family has moved around a lot- five states in her whole life- so Kris doesn't have many friends. She was best friends with Heather, but eventually stopped being her friend after she saw how she treated Nicki when Nicki told her "No." She started hanging out with Nicki afterwards, and considers her her best friend; she used to not get along with Becca, but the two learn how to compromise.

She has short, brown hair. She and Heather have ballet class on Monday afternoons. She also has a yellow tabby cat named Pumpkin.


Sprocket's new owner. She has red hair and a million freckles and bright blue eyes, and is confined to a wheelchair. She loves Sprocket and Nicki says she has the same star-eyes as Sprocket.


A friend of Heather's. She is one of the rich kids that recently moved in.


A boy in Nicki's class. He asks Nicki how to get into training service dogs.


See also Nicki's Dog-in-Training

A dog Nicki is training to be a service dog. He is a young puppy who is mixed-breed, though he looks a lot like a Bernese mountain dog. At the start of the series, he's extremely excitable and hyper, but Nicki trains him to be a lot calmer and obedient. He's shown to be very intelligent, and Mrs. Tate says that he aced all of their intelligence tests.

Mrs. Tate[]

Another service dog trainer. She stops by to check on Nicki and Joan's progress with Sprocket, and helps explain concepts of training to Nicki. She offers to take over Sprocket's training when Joan has to take bedrest, but Nicki decides to take over training instead.

Mr. Thomas[]

Nicki's Fifth Grade teacher. He is a very good teacher, and often makes sure that Nicki is alright emotionally. She doesn't like him at first, due to not having a male teacher before, but she warms up to him.

He has short, spiky blond hair.