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These are minor characters in Nanea Mitchell's series.


The older brother of Iris. He later enlists in the Army after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mary Lou Mitchell has a crush on him.


A friend of Nanea's.

Gwenfread Allen

A reporter at the Star-Bulletin. She writes an article about Nanea's bottle drive.


A young girl the protagonist and Nanea babysit during a First Aid class in Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea.

Flora Baker

A girl in Nanea's third grade class.

Mrs. Baxter

The principal of Nanea's school.


A friend of Nanea's.

Puakkea Bowman

A student at the high school who, since he is 18, enlists after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Mrs. Carroll

A member of the Red Cross. In Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea she instructs the protagonist and members of the Honolulu helps how to roll up bandages.

Billy Cruz

A member of Nanea's class.

Mr. Cruz

The local mailman. He is originally from Portugal.


A friend of Nanea's.


An employee at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Mr. DeSoto

The manager of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.


A friend of David Mitchell's. He has a little sister.

Dicki Evans

A student at the high school who, since he is 18, enlists after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Teddy Fan

A boy in Nanea's third grade class.

Lieutenant Foster

A soldier seen staying with the Mitchells for a few days in Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea.

Lieutenant Gregory

The army officer David Mitchell works for.

Mrs. Hale

A customer seen shopping at Pono's Market in The Legend of the Shark Goddess. She complains about the high price of meat and accepts Tutu Kane's suggestion of fish.

Mr. Hill

Donna Hill's father.

Mrs. Hill

Donna Hill's mother. When non-essential people are evacuated from Hawaii, she and Donna leave to stay in San Francisco.


A friend of Mary Lou Mitchell. Al is her older brother.


A sailor seen staying with Tutu and Tutu Kane in The Legend of the Shark Goddess. He knows a few magic tricks and keeps a stone with him as a good luck charm.


A friend of Nanea's. She's a member of the Honolulu Helpers.


A young boy Nanea and her friends babysit in Growing Up with Aloha.

Mrs. Lin

An elderly neighbor of the Mitchells's. She's originally from China.

Mr. Lopez

The owner of the bakery next to Pono's Market.


A friend of Nanea's. She and Nanea practice hula dancing together.


A teenage boy Nanea meets in The Legend of the Shark Goddess. He's half Japanese and half Hawaiian. His father, who's Japanese, is imprisoned on Sand Island.

Rose Momi

The Mitchells's neighbor. She makes leis and sells them to tourists at the pier.

Nanea, Lily and Donna address her has "Auntie Rose".

Mr. Moreno

The father of Dixie Moreno.

Albert Ogawa

A boy in Nanea's third grade class


A friend of Nanea's.

Mrs. Robida

A regular customer at Pono's Market.

Ronald Paul

A Private first class in the Army. He goes by the nickname "Tennessee."

Mrs. Santos

A resident of Nanea's neighborhood.

Audrey Sato

A friend of Nanea's. Her real name is "Anzu", which she changed to "Audrey" following America's entrance into the war. Her father was arrested and later sent to Sand Island.

Miss Smith

Nanea's third grade teacher at Lunalilo Elementary School.

Mrs. Sroat

The teacher from the Red Cross.

Betty Suda

Lily Suda's mother. Nanea calls her Aunt Betty.

Fumio Suda

Lily Suda's father. Nanea calls him Uncle Fudge. He likes oatmeal cookies.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he is detained as a potential collaborator with the Japanese and held for several days. While he is eventually released, he is unable to work as his fishing boat is taken by the government.

Gene Suda

Lily Suda's older brother. He is upset at the events going on, especially as a Japanese American. He attempts to join the Army, but is rejected as Japanese Americans were not allowed to enlist (which would not be lifted until 1943).

Tommy Suda

Lily Suda's younger brother.

Mrs. Watson

A neighbor of the Mitchells's. Nanea and the protagonist offer to help with her Victory Garden in Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea.