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These are minor characters in the Mia St. Clair books.


A senior level skater at the Lucerne.

Lillian Chin[]

A news reporter in Mia's town.

Paige Clement[]

A figure skater Mia competes against at regionals. She's a member of the Belmont Skating Club and was considered as the best skater in Mia's group level.


A student of Nancy's. He's friends with Jim and Jack, and the three boys are referred to as "The Three Monsters" by Mia.


Venessa's best friend. She also acts snooty towards Mia.

Bob Gunderson[]

The superintendent of the ice rink. He enjoys working on his ice resurfacer, nicknamed Beast, and dreams of one day racing the Beast against other ice resurfacers. He has even added the Beast's name to the side of the machine.

Mona Gunderson[]

Bob Gunderson's wife. She also works with her husband at the ice rink.


A senior level skater at the Lucerne and the best jumper among the girls. Because of her father's job, Izumi has lived all over the world.


A student of Nancy's. He's friends with Jim and Edgar, and the three boys are referred to as "The Three Monsters" by Mia.


A student of Nancy's. He's friends with Jack and Edgar, and the three boys are referred to as "The Three Monsters" by Mia.

Mr. and Mrs. Knowles[]

The parents of Vanessa Knowles. They are often too busy to spend time with their daughter and often spoil her with souvenirs form their business trips, as Vanessa doesn't go with them.

Vanessa Knowles[]

A girl Mia's age who is also in the skating club. Vanessa is described as having dark hair, bright blue eyes, and flawless skin. Vanessa loves to dress in pink and her best friend is Gemma. She has a rich family, although she is upset her parents are often too busy to spend time with her. She does not like Coach Schubert at first as she is firm with her and doesn't give her a big role in the skating recital. Throughout the story she and her parents are prone to finding ways to have the coach fired but by the end of the books, Vanessa appears to better appreciate the Coach's advice. In a similar way, Vanessa does not like Mia and makes fun of her, but becomes her friend at the end of the second book.

Sam McManus[]

Paige's skating coach, known for training many skaters who made it to Nationals and the Olympics. Because of his reputation, he trains skaters from all around the country at the Belmont.


The teacher for the Lucerne's beginner skating class. She's a graduate student from Meredith College.


The owner of Nelda's Notions, a chain of stores all around western New York. Nelda is known for her love of skating and she hired staff that love skating as much as she does. Professional designers consult with her because of her expertise on skating outfits.

Yvette Polk[]

A figure skating enthusiast Mia meets at regionals.

Emma Schubert[]

The replacement coach for Mr. Nelson at the ice rink. She was an Olympian ice skater who grew up in Mia's town. She encourages her students to try again and do their best, and she also makes sure to point out her student's strengths along with their weaknesses. She is a talented sewer after having to sew all of her ice-skating outfits by herself as she was too poor to buy a new one.

Alexandra Sorokowski[]

Anya's six year old sister.

Anya Sorokowski[]

Mia's best friend. Her mother was an ice skater in Europe and Anya has the same talent. While she has the experience and the talent, Anya gets nervous skating for a recital or for a test, and often needs Mia's support during these events.

Marie Sorokowski[]

The mother of Anya and Alexandra Sorokowski. She had previously been an ice skater in Europe.

Eve St. Clair[]

Mia's mother. She's a member of the Lucerne's skate club and is their newsletter's volunteer editor.

Perry St. Clair[]

Mia's oldest brother. He's the captain of his hockey team.

Rick St. Clair[]

Mia's younger elder[1] brother. He's a head taller than Mia, despite being two years older.

Skip St. Clair[]

Mia's older brother. His real name is Rene, named after one of their father's favorite hockey player, but he prefers his nickname "Skip".

Tom St. Clair[]

Mia's father. He's a member of the Lucerne's skate club and can play the accordion.


A friend of Chad's.

Chuck Wayberg[]

The mayor of Mia's town.


  1. Used in deictic context.