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These are minor characters in Melody Ellison's series.


Clifford and Katie's daughter.


One of the members of the Three Ravens with Dwayne Ellison.

Officer Baer

A Detroit police officer. He questions Frank Porter regarding a theft at the Belle Isle Conservatory in The Lady's Slipper.

Aunt Beck

The older sister of Frank Porter. She is the mother of Clifford and has a grandson named Jimmy. She has silver hair in a long braid she winds up and glasses. She is not the kind of adult who doesn't let children touch things.

Mrs. Butler

Melody's teacher.


Valerie Porter's neighbor. She meets Val and plays with her, Melody and the protagonist on Val's swing-set in Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody.


Aunt Beck's son, a lawyer. He has several children, including a college aged daughter named Anne.

Esther Collins

A new member of New Hope Baptist Church. She meets the Ellisons in No Ordinary Sound and bonds with Melody over their love of flowers and gardening.

Pastor Daniels

The pastor at New Hope Baptist Church.

Miss Dorothy

The director of the children's choir at New Hope Baptist Church. She is close friends with Geneva Porter; the two women performed in a gospel singing group and trained to be music teachers in Alabama.

Mrs. Harris

The mother of Diane Harris.

James Hartman

A music producer at Hitsville U.S.A. In Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody he enlists Dwayne to do errands for him and lends his 1964 Ford Mustang.


Aunt Beck's grandson (it is not stated who his father is). He sends her a doll from Japan.


Clifford's wife.


A friend of Julius Sterling. He assists the Junior Block Club with weeding the neighborhood playground in Never Stop Singing.


A man who works at the recording studio of a record shop. He records Dawyne's solo song in Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody.

Al and Josephine Moore

The owners of a performance hall in Detroit. Josephine is close friends with Geneva Porter and Miss Dorothy.

Harry Muntz

The son of Norman Muntz; a man who helped Samuel Roth escape Poland and come to America.


One of the members of the Three Ravens with Dwayne Ellison. He appears to have a slight crush on Lila.


The leader of the Fair Housing Committee.

Roy Porter

The brother of Frank Porter and father of Charles Porter.

Leah Roth

A Jewish girl Melody meets and befriends in The Lady's Slipper.

Mrs. Roth

The mother of Leah Roth. She and Tish Porter have worked together for the Fair Housing Committee.

Samuel Roth

The grandfather of Leah Roth. He was a botany professor in Krakow, Poland before fleeing to America following the city's takeover by the Nazis.

Martha Jean Steinburg

A popular DJ on the radio, known as "Martha Jean the Queen."

Julius Sterling

A close friend of Melody's.

Mr. Sterling

The father of Julius Sterling.


A waitress at Sam's Soda Shop. She intentionally attempts to refuse service to Melody, Yvonne and the protagonist when they visit in Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody but later relents when the girls stand their ground, and when a white woman speaks up for them.


A woman seen displaying her plants at the Belle Isle Conservatory Flower Show in The Lady's Slipper.

David Whitelaw

The manager and senior botanist at Belle Isle. Melody meets him in The Lady's Slipper.