These are minor characters in Maryellen Larkin's series.

The Bateses

A family residing on Palmetto Street. They consist of Mr. Bates, his son Louis and their Dalmatian Spots.


A former coworker of Kay Larkin and Florence during World War II who lives in New York.

Dave Blanchard

A Navy buddy of Stan Larkin's. In The Sky's the Limit: My Journey with Maryellen, the Larkins drive to Washington D.C. to drop off their Airstream trailer to Dave, who had asked to borrow it.

Mr. Brad

An ice cream man in Daytona Beach. He loves dogs and often hands out treats to the dogs in Maryellen's neighborhood.

Atherton Buckley

The owner of a metal detector company he bought and renamed after himself. He's an avid treasure seeker and lives in a stone mansion on Ocean Avenue.

Mr. Carey

The principal at Maryellen's school.

Evelyn Danzinger

A clerk who works at Daytona Beach's post office.

Miss Deeny

Maryellen's fifth grade science teacher.


Carolyn Larkin's boyfriend. He's seen attending the Rock Around the Clock dance with Carolyn in The Finders-Keepers Rule.

Mrs. Farr

A resident on Palmetto Street. She has two younger children--whom Carolyn Larkin sometimes babysit--and a tiger cat named Stripey.

Mr. and Mrs. Fenstermacher

The parents of Davy Fenstermacher.


A former coworker of Kay Larkin and Betty during World War II in New York.

Mr. Garcia

Maryellen's fifth grade teacher.

Grandpop and Grandmom

Maryellen's maternal grandparents and Kay Larkin's parents. They reside in Georgia.

Mr. Hagopian

A fifth grade teacher at Maryellen's school.

Miss Hopkins

An employee at Bark Haven, a dog rescue organization.

Mrs. Humphrey

Maryellen's fourth-grade teacher. She previously had Joan and Carolyn as students; mentioning this to Maryellen makes her feel once again overlooked and just one of many.

Lieutenant Jenkins

A solider stationed at Cape Canaveral. He leads Maryellen, Stan Larkin, Carolyn Larkin and Davy Fenstermacher on a tour of the area in The Runaway.

Pete Jones

Mr. Buckley's assistant. While Mr. Buckley uses his metal detector, Mr. Jones uses his clam digger to scoop up sand and see what the metal detector had found.


A girl Maryellen and Sophie meet while visiting Cedar Top, North Carolina in The Sky's the Limit: My Journey with Maryellen. She's an aspiring archeologist and collects arrowheads.

Ron Oser

A doctor working in Daytona Beach. In Taking Off he requests Maryellen to make a poster for his office, to promote vaccinations.

Julia Palmer

A resident on Hibiscus Street. In The Runaway she informs Maryellen about the disappearance of her white poodle, Pinky.

Mr. Palmer

The owner of Palm Tree Jewelry and Gifts. He organizes the Rock Around the Clock dance in The Finders-Keepers Rule, doing all the publicity, overseeing the decorations and hiring the band.

Betty Plotnick

A secretary who works for the mayor of Daytona Beach.

Officer Polansky

A police officer in Daytona Beach. He assists Maryellen in solving a rash of dog disappearances in The Runaway.

Junie Pursley

A classmate of Beverly Larkin's. She informs Maryellen on the theft of her family's beagle in The Runaway.

Suzanne Pursley

Junie Pursley's younger sister. She's in the first grade and has no front teeth.

Jerry Ross

Joan Larkin's husband.[1] He trained as a diver and had served in the Navy during the Korean War. He's currently a student at the university.


Nancy's brother. In The Sky's the Limit: My Journey with Maryellen he takes an arrowhead Nancy had found, but is foiled by Maryellen and Sophie.


The owner of Sandy's Beach Hut. He employed Joan Larkin sometime before The Finders-Keepers Rule.


A fifth grade boy at Maryellen's school.

Skip (The Finders-Keepers Rule)

A close friend of Jerry Ross's. In The Finders-Keepers Rule he and Jerry assist Tank with studying a sunken ship he discovered, appointing Skip as the navigator because he owned a boat.

Theodore Tenker

An oceanography professor at the university. In The Finders-Keepers Rule he enlists Jerry and Skipper to help him study a sunken ship he had discovered off the coast. He's mainly addressed by his nickname "Tank".

Phil Thompson

A security guard at Daytona Pharmaceuticals. He went to school with Joan Larkin.

Carol Turner

A girl in Maryellen's fourth grade class.

Winky and Gladys Winkler

Stan Larkin's boss and his wife, seen in The Sky's the Limit: My Journey with Maryellen (online endings). They're invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the Larkins and bring along their black poodle, Tinkerbell.

Patty Zender

A girl in Maryellen's fourth grade class.


  1. The Finders-Keepers Rule, pg 6: Maryellen's sister Joan, who was now Mrs. Jerry Ross, was working at a food stand at the beach.
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