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These are minor characters in the Marisol Luna book.

Mrs. Buckley[]

A fourth grade teacher at Marisol's new school. She is Karen's teacher and will be Marisol's as well.

Maestra Davila[]

Marisol's ballet folklórico teacher. She leads the Harrison Park Ballet Folklórico Troupe.


Sara's older brother who accompanies her to school.

Clara G[]

Marisol's homeroom teacher in the fourth grade at her old school. She is one of Gloria Mendoza's former students, and she offers to let her move in with her so she can teach dance in Des Plaines. She helps host a going-away party for Marisol at school where she and Gloria Mendoza perform ballet folklórico.

She was voted best teacher of the school in the previous year.

Elisa Luna[]

Marisol's mother. She is often on the phone for work, though she says she thinks she may be able to do so less once they move.

Hector Luna[]

Marisol's father. He is an electrician who likes to tell stories of his own childhood. He works for the city of Chicago and does repairs on public transit trains.

He loves baseball and has a special childhood baseball glove he brings to their new home. When he was a kid and his family moved, he had to leave his baseball team, and his father had to give away their dog because no pets were allowed at the new house.

Mrs. Harris[]

Marisol's principal. She makes Marisol clean the floor under her cafeteria table because she'd left olives under there and other kids had smeared them on the floor. She also calls Marisol into her office and tells her they'll miss her when she moves- which gives Marisol's class enough time to get ready for a surprise going away party for her.


A boy in Marisol's ballet folklorico class. He's not a very good dancer.

Karen Johnson[]

Marisol's new neighbor and friend. She also loves to dance and primarily dances ballet. She lets Marisol see her purple tutu, and she is interested in seeing Marisol's folklórico skirts. She is upset that her dance teacher had to move and the studio is closed until a new teacher can come. She has a lot of stuffed animals, all from her uncles who spoil her. Karen is described as having brown hair and red-painted nails.

Mrs. Johnson[]

Karen's mother. She makes excellent oatmeal cookies, which she offers to Marisol when she visits.

Mademoiselle Juliette[]

Marisol's ballet teacher, who is a little hard on her so that she can learn ballet better. She studied at an academy in Paris, and she spent three summers as an assistant ballet mistress at the Royal Ballet School in London. Although she is not a native Spanish speaker, she is learning Spanish from her boyfriend.

Mademoiselle Juliette compliments Marisol on how far she's grown during her ballet lessons, and she gives Marisol a toe ring as a parting gift. She leads a dance performance of The Nutcracker every year, and Marisol is disappointed that she began ballet classes too late to perform in it at any point.

Mrs. Maroni[]

Marisol's neighbor, who Marisol thinks has the cleanest house. She's seen cleaning rugs.

Gloria Mendoza[]

Marisol's neighbor's daughter. She is a dancer and she used to perform and teach professionally in New York City, including some time as a Rockette. She sold her studio and recently moved in with her father to help him. When he decides to get married, Marisol convinces Gloria to move to Des Plaines with them and teach dance. She moves in with Marisol's teacher and her former student, Clara. She is described with black hair.

Roberto Mendoza[]

Marisol's neighbor. He is about sixty, and is about to marry one of the women from the senior center. His daughter, Gloria, moves back in with him after he hurts his hip, though he is able to move around okay on his own. He plays dominos six days a week at the senior center.

He and Mr. Luna surprise Marisol's class at her going-away party when they perform Los Viejitos, or the dance of the old men.

Mr. Perez[]

The janitor at Marisol's school who once got her backpack off the roof for her after a boy threw it up there. She is sad to leave him and the other teachers and staff behind when she moves.


Marisol's cat. She adopted him when she was seven and he was a kitten on the street in the rain. He's very active and likes to play with her. Marisol also has to chase him away from birds. He ran away when they moved, but he comes up to Marisol when they stop by the apartment again to pick up an item they forgot.


A shy boy in Marisol's class. At her going-away party, he offers to folk dance with her.


Marisol's best friend from her old neighborhood. She also enjoys dance, but she's better at ballet than Marisol and has taken it longer. She is upset when she finds out that Marisol has to move. The December after Marisol moves, Sara she gets to be a rat in their school's performance of The Nutcracker.

Sara lives only five blocks away from school, farther than Marisol, and she is allowed to ride her bike to school while Marisol takes a school bus. She also lives five blocks from Marisol.


Marisol's neighbor who lives down the street. He's very small and likes to eat sweets, and he lets Marisol play basketball with him.

Victor often is seen eating popsicles outside of the apartment building. Marisol also comments that he eats a candy bar at school recess, which allows her to beat him in tetherball while he plays one-handed. He also gets in trouble at school for eating candy during class. Victor helps Marisol search for Rascal after he runs away during their move.