These are minor characters in the Marisol Luna book.

Maestra Davila

Marisol's ballet folklorico teacher.

Clara G

Marisol's homeroom teacher. She is one of Gloria Mendoza's former students, and offers to let her move in with her so she can teach dance in Des Plaines.

Karen Johnson

Marisol's new neighbor and friend. She also loves to dance, but primarily ballet, though she is upset that her dance teacher had to move, and the studio is closed until a new teacher can come. She has a lot of stuffed animals, all from her Uncles who spoil her, and her Mom is a good cook. She is described as having brown hair and red-painted nails.

Elisa Luna

Marisol's Mother. She is often on the phone for work, though she says she thinks she may be able to do so less once they move.

Hector Luna

Marisol's Father. He is an Electrician who likes to tell stories of his own childhood.

Mrs. Harris

Marisol's principal.


A boy in Marisol's ballet folklorico class. He's not a very good dancer.

Mademoiselle Juliette

Marisol's ballet teacher, who is a little hard on her so that she can learn Ballet better.

Mrs. Maroni

Marisol's neighbor, who has the cleanest house around.

Gloria Mendoza

Marisol's neighbor's daughter. She is a dancer, and used to perform professionally until she moved in with her father to help him. When he decides to get married, Marisol convinces Gloria to move to Des Plaines with them and teach dance. She moves in with Marisol's teacher, and her former student, Clara. She also used to be a Rockette. She is described with black hair.

Roberto Mendoza

Marisol's neighbor. He is about sixty, and is about to marry one of the women from the senior center.


Marisol's cat. She adopted him when she was seven, and he was a kitten on the street. He's very active, and likes to play with her. He ran away when they moved, but eventually came back.


A boy in Marisol's class.


Marisol's best friend from her old neighborhood. She dances like Marisol, but she's better at ballet than her friend. She is very upset when she finds out that she has to move. Sometime after Marisol moves, she gets to be a rat in their school's performance of The Nutcracker.


Marisol's neighbor. He's very small and likes to eat sweets, and lets Marisol play basketball with him.

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