These are minor characters in the Luciana Vega books.


Luciana's maternal grandmother and the mother of Mrs. Vega. She lives in Santiago, Chile. Her husband died when Luciana was six years old.


A counselor at Space Camp.


Luci's cousin, who is the same age as Isadora.


Luciana's maternal cousin.


Ella and Meg's cousin and one of Luci's teammates. She is eleven years old, and is very excitable and likes to talk. She has a twelve-year-old brother that she has to share everything with and a sixteen-year-old sister who has aged out of Space Camp.

She has greenish-hazel eyes and curly hair that is much lighter than her cousins'.


A boy Luciana meets at the Cetus program in Luciana Braving the Deep. He's a national swimming champion and is nicknamed "Buzz" by Marcus. He dislikes scuba diving, however, and realizes he really likes Mission Control.


A boy Luciana meets at the Cetus program in Luciana Braving the Deep.

Thomas Dowdy

A boy Luciana meets at the Cetus program in Luciana Braving the Deep. He is already in College due to his high intellect, and is a lot more emotionally mature than the other kids his age, being able to help Luci learn how to apologize to Claire.


Luciana's maternal cousin.

Ella Emmerick

One of Luci's teammates. and Meg's older sister. She is a lot more practical than Luci and strict about rule-following. She is also a perfectionist and doesn't like waiting or losing; she is incredibly competitive, and has trouble having fun if she's not in charge. Charlotte often has to tell her to be nice to others. Her Dad is an inventor, and she also has several brothers.[1]

She has pin-straight dark hair styled down her back, freckles, and greenish-hazel eyes.

Tia Fanny

Luciana's aunt, who is wheelchair-bound.

Meg Emmerick

Ella's nine-year-old sister and one of Luci's teammates. She is very nervous in crowds, but enjoys hanging out with her cousins and really likes girly things, like sparkles, unicorns and Luciana's purple streak. She is also very blunt and isn't good at keeping secrets or picking up on social cues (as seen when she blurted out that Ella's robotics team lost and she cried, while Ella was trying to brag about said team).

She has dark hair styled into a bouncy ponytail, freckles, and greenish-hazel eyes.


Luciana's maternal cousin

Claire Jacobs

The daughter of Lance Jacobs. She attends the Cetus program with Luciana and Ella in Luciana Braving the Deep, sharing the same cabin with them and partnering with Luci to grow food for their training mission.

She begins to sabotage Luci and Ella in order to get onto the Cetus habitat so that she can impress her Dad. Luci figures this out, while also figuring out that Claire lies about most of her stories, but nobody listens to her until Claire endangers Luci by locking her in the storage room underwater. Claire manages to earn her forgiveness after helping Luci out of a panic attack, which she also gets when she goes flying with her Dad. She eventually realizes that she would rather study plants than continue to aim for space travel.

She starts texting Luci after they leave camp, and in Luciana Out of This World, she invites Luci to come with her and her Dad to the Mars Habitat in the Atacama Desert. She is very excited to spend time with her Dad, but grows upset when he has to leave for work. After an Earthquake hits the habitat while her and Luci are alone, she and Luci have to help rescue each other and stop the habitat from getting destroyed. Her Dad picks them up and resolves to spend more time with her.

She is in Chorus at school, and incredibly interested in science. She is scared of heights and hates going in Helicopters, though she'll push through it to spend time with her Dad. She sometimes feels that his work is more important to him than she is.

Lance Jacobs

The owner of the Mars Extreme company. Luciana meets him when he drops Claire off at the Cetus program in Luciana Braving the Deep. He also takes Luci to the Mars Habitat in the Atacama Desert in Luciana Out of This World.

While he loves his daughter, Claire, he sometimes spends too much time at work and makes her feel desperate for his attention. At the end of Out of This World, he resolves to spend more time with her after she and Luci survive an earthquake.


One of Luci's teammates. He is very confident and likes to boss people around. He is very good at robotics, and his team often wins at competitions.

He has very short-cut hair.

Uncle Javier

Luciana's uncle.


One of Luci's teammates. She is from Germany, and is interested in mechanical engineering and electrical circuits; she is a genius at robotics. She speaks with a thick accent, and has an eight-year-old sister who also wants to come to Space Camp, as well as a brother. Back home, she is on a soccer team called the Wild Cats.

She has wavy bright blonde hair that barely touches her shoulders, pulled back with a bobby pin.


One of Luci's teammates.


Luciana's maternal cousin. She has a passion for photography, and won an award for her talents. She calls Luciana "Astro-Luci".


The robotics crew trainer at Space Camp.

Aunt Lorena

Luciana's maternal aunt and Julieta's mother.


A counselor at Space Camp. She designed Orion during her first week of training.


A counselor at the Cetus program.


Julieta's sister, who is around Isadora's age.


One of Luci's teammates. He is described as wearing glasses.


A robot dog that is the mascot of Team Odyssey. He was built by Mallory during her first week training for Space Camp counseling, and can move and bark on his own.

Uncle Panchito

Luciana's maternal uncle and Julieta's father.

Rick Paige

A scientist Luciana meets at the Mars habitat located in the Atacama Desert.


Meg and Ella's dog. He is very small with large ears, and Meg has a stuffed dog that looks a lot like him.


The diving instructor at the Cetus program. He's mainly referred to as "Pirate Pete" and he likes telling pirate jokes.


A scientist Luciana meets at the Mars habitat located in the Atacama Desert. She's Chilean and is a geologist at Universidad de Antofagasta.


Luci's best friend in Virginia, nicknamed "Rae". She is used to Luci's crazy ideas and mostly goes along with them, though she is a lot more careful than her. They have matching purple streaks that they put in themselves and matching toothbrushes. They both usually do an art camp together, though Luci has to skip it for Space Camp one summer. She has a pet rabbit.

Vanessa Rife

A scientist Luciana meets at the Mars habitat located in the Atacama Desert.


The Director of Artificial Intelligence at Space Camp. He has built multiple robots- including Isaak, a robot on a wheel, Veronica, a speaker that tells the time, and Birdy, a bird that talks.


A counselor at the Cetus program.


One of Luci's teammates.

Isadora Vega

Luciana's adopted sister, an infant from Chile. Luci calls her "Izzy". She adores her older sister ("Lulu"), and is very energetic and excitable. She has a stuffed penguin. Isadora also has heart problems, which causes her to have to go through surgery while Luci is at Space Camp. She recovers well, and is very excited to visit her family in Chile over Christmas.

Mr. Vega

Luciana's father, a math teacher.

Ms. Vega

Luciana's mother, a nurse. She and Luciana's Father immigrated to the United States so that she could attend Nursing School. She often has to work late due to emergencies, which makes Luciana feel lonely.


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