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These are minor characters in the Lanie Holland books.

Angela Holland[]

Lanie's sixteen-year-old sister, who is a cellist. Angela and her friends (who play the violin and viola respectively) aspire to play for the Boston Pops. Lanie gets quite annoyed because the only song that Angela is playing right now is the William Tell Overture.

Emily Holland[]

Lanie's seven-year-old sister. Emily is in the first grade. She is very stubborn and currently will only eat things that resemble pizza (other than desserts) so her father has tricked her by making other foods look like pizzas. Emily has entomophobia (fear of bugs and other insects) since finding a spider in the sink while brushing her teeth and will not go play outside because of the fear. She does seem to have "outdoor genes" like Lanie and Aunt Hannah. Emily becomes interested in birds and butterflies, a result of getting over her entomophobia.

Mr. Holland[]

Lanie's father. Mr. Holland teaches philosophy at a college (or as Lanie puts it, he gets paid to think). He dislikes mowing the lawn, loves to cook, and loves to bat a paddle ball. He enjoys cooking challenges, such as "tricking" Emily into eating things that look like but aren't pizza.

Mrs. Holland[]

Lanie's mother. Mrs. Holland is an architect. When Lanie was younger, she redesigned the interior of the house.

Mr. James[]

Lanie's and Dakota's fourth grade teacher.

Mrs. Kaminsky[]

Emily's first grade teacher.


Lanie's pet rabbit who Lanie enjoys taking for walks. Lulu is vanilla colored; in the first book Lanie does an experiment which works so that is how Lulu is taken on walks in the first place. Lulu plays a minor rule in the books. Lanie got Lulu from Dakota, whose rabbit had bunnies.


A reporter for The Boston Globe. He interviews Lanie at the community gardens' Garden Festival in Lanie's Real Adventures.

Susan Marshall[]

Lanie's neighbor who loves gardening and has a cat named Caesar.

Dakota McCann[]

Lanie's best friend. Throughout Lanie and half of Lanie's Real Adventures, Dakota is in Indonesia with her parents for six months. Her father is studying the Indonesian rain forest. Dakota's email address is


A fifth grader who Lanie calls a "ladybug-ologist". He is only seen in Lanie's Real Adventures.


The monarch caterpillar in Emily's first-grade class. He is the biggest of the caterpillars in the terrarium.

Hannah Wells[]

Mrs. Holland's younger sister, and Lanie's aunt. Hannah has come back to Boston to go back to school. She is an ornithologist, a bird scientist. She inspires Lanie to discover nature in the backyard. She owns a camper, which is her home until university housing.[1] 


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