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Mrs. Addison[]

A laundress in Uncle Hendrick's neighborhood. Her husband left for New York and she hadn't heard from him in a year. After being kicked out of her house by her landlord, Mrs. Addison had no choice but to place her five children in an orphanage as she couldn't care for them as she worked.


The true owner of Buddy--named Scooter--the protagonist finds and befriends in Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit. Her family is wealthy and, upon finding Scooter, her father pays the protagonist twenty dollars as an award. They don't live far away from Kit's house, so they offer Kit to look after Scooter next month while they're away for pay.


A resident at Goodmont Children's Home. She has in interest in mystery novels.

Mrs. Barclay[]

A member of the country club the Kittredges used to join before they had to leave.

Mr. Barta[]

A Hungarian man who had taken in a chimpanzee named Buddy Boy.

Dexter Baxter[]

A trumpet player seen performing at the Burns' Theater in The Jazzman's Trumpet. He is known as "Dizzy Dex Baxter" and is mainly referred to as "Dex Baxter".

Mr. and Mrs. Bell[]

An elderly couple who are boarders with the Kittredges. They have one grandson who lives in Florida and have a working car, though they can't drive it themselves.

The Bells move in sometime soon after Kit's Surprise and are living there during the events of Really Truly Ruthie; Jack Kittredge is driving them to Florida to visit their grandson, which is a four day trip there and back. Kit has interviewed them for her home paper at the start of Happy Birthday, Kit!. Mr. Bell has acted in Shakespeare plays, and over supper with Millie, Mrs. Bell tells a story of Mr. Bell tripping over his own sword while performing.

When Kit returns to say that Stirling and Will Shepherd are still back in jail, their car is used to go pick them up.

They move out about a month before Changes for Kit; it's stated in Turning Things Around that Mr. Bell had gotten a new job.

Elaine Bentley[]

Roger's older sister, who attends college and is seen visiting her family in Missing Grace.

Roger Bentley[]

A snobby know-it-all kid in Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling's class. He is described as stout and full of bluster, as well as a general pain. He teases Kit and Stirling for living in the same house--implying frequently that they are boyfriend and girlfriend with childish phrases such as "when's the wedding."

In Kit Learns a Lesson, he states that his father thinks people who go to soup kitchens are bums and too lazy to work, and that Franklin Roosevelt's election means people will expect the government to take care of them and ruin the country. As the fourth grade is doing the backdrop for the Thanksgiving pageant, Roger keeps taunting Stirling and then Kit. Roger makes fun of the fact that Stirling's father is absent. While he's doing so, Stirling sneaks paper feathers onto the stool so they stick to the back of his pants. He is then teased as "Mr. Turkey Pants", and the insult and taunting leads to him shoving Kit, who shoves him back and coats him in white paint.

When Aunt Millie stops by Kit's classroom in to invite the class to Kit's birthday party in Happy Birthday, Kit!, Roger is sitting behind Kit and pokes her. He comments that Aunt Millie looked like she just came from a farm, and Kit is embarrassed by this. When Aunt Millie mentions that she can show the class how to take care of chickens at Kit's party, Roger crows like a rooster while other classmates make clucking noises. The book does not mention if Roger actually attends the party.

Mrs. Blanchard[]

A member of the country club the Kittredges used to join before they had to leave.

Lucinda Bond[]

Miss Lucinda Bond is only in the movie.

Nurse Bergstrom[]

A nurse who works for the Cincinnati Public Health Department. She is charge of setting up a quarantine at the Kittredges' house after Kit, Ruthie and Stirling contract scarlet fever in Kit Uses Her Head.

Frederich Berk[]

Frederich KK movie


Frederich Berk is only in the movie. Frederich is the cousin of magician Jefferson Jasper Rene Berk, and has a pet monkey named Curtis.

When he shows Miss Dooley the tattoo of a bird on his right arm, Kit realizes that he was the "hobo" that stole the red wallet, robbed the Smithens, stole Will's boots--and he had been involved in every city where the "hobo" crimes happened. He, along with Mr. Berk and Miss Bond, are arrested for their crimes.

He is portrayed by Dylan Smith.

Jefferson Jasper Rene Berk[]

A magician; he is only in the movie.

Mr. Birdseye[]

A kind and elderly hobo the protagonist and Kit meet while hiding aboard a boxcar in Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit. He lets them know they're going south into Kentucky and that the train stops first at Pocton, then Mountain Hollow. He shows the two girls two hobo symbols for "good jungle" and "jail/prison." He and the girls hide in a corner of the boxcar when the train is stopped, but are caught by railroad bulls; he gets up first, and jumps down and helps the two girls down.

  • If the readers chooses to have Kit and "Lulu" go with the bulls, they walk to Lewis Falls and the jail, and Mr. Birdseye is put in a jail cell with other men.
  • If the reader chooses to have the girls run, Mr. Birdseye shouts "look!" to the bulls, and tells the girls to run, which they do.
  • If the reader goes to the online endings and goes to Mountain Hollow, Mr. Birdseye says (once he hears it) that since the girls have kinfolk in Mountain Hollow, they ought to be let go to go there. When the tallest bull, Lucias, says no and they're all to go to jail, Mr. Birdseye persuades him by saying the girls have short legs and a puppy and would only slow them all down by moving slower than molasses in January. The girls thank Mr. Birdseye once they're let free and leave for Mountain Hollow. They then tell Aunt Millie once they arrive about Mr. Birdseye's bravery in persuading the bulls to let them go and that they'd be in jail if not for his kindness and bravery.

Benny Branson[]

An African American boy Kit meets in Menace at Mammoth Cave. He teaches Kit how to horseback ride and leads her on a tour of Mammoth Cave.

Mr. Branson[]

The father of Benny Branson. Kit and Charlie join his tour group as he guides them through Mammoth Cave in Menace at Mammoth Cave.

Mrs. Branson[]

The mother of Benny Branson. She is known for her herbal remedies.

Angela Bravetti[]

A woman who moves into the Kittredge's house sometime prior to Danger at the Zoo. She is referred to as "Miss Bravatti" as she had keeps her marriage to Mr. Richards a secret in order to keep her job as a high school English teacher.


A golden retriever puppy that the protagonist of Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit finds the first time she goes back in time, who travels with her. Initially Louise Howard does not care for him (or the protagonist) but it is possible for them to end up getting along.

On every path but one, the protagonist finds someone to take and keep Buddy (including the Kittredges in general) as she cannot bring him back through time with her. Options may be Louise, "Ginger," or with Aunt Millie and Myrtle Peabody in online endings.

One path has Buddy found by a well-off family who has been looking for him all day; his name is "Scooter" and he belongs to a girl named Ann. The family pays the protagonist twenty dollars for his safe return before leaving with him.

Rose Burns[]

The owner and manager of Burns' Theater. She had inherited the theater from her father, Ian Burns, after his passing.


The local butcher is known to be a stingy grouch. However, when Aunt Millie meets him, she recognizes his accent as Kentuckian and this results in him and her exchanging jokes and chatting, and a discount on a soup bone and meat scraps.


A black girl who travels with Will Shepherd in the movie. She dresses as a boy to make things safer for her as they travel.

She is portrayed by Willow Smith.

Joe Crabtree[]

The father of Talitha Crabtree. He had previously worked in a mine and knows how to weave baskets and make up riddles.

Talitha Crabtree[]

A young woman who resides in Mountain Hollow. In Midnight in Lonesome Hollow, Talitha agrees to secretly help teach Harlan Craig how to read and write, and later accepts his proposal for marriage.

Auntie Craig[]

The grandmother of Fern, Johnny and Harlan Craig. She is addressed as "Mamaw" by her grandchildren, and as "Auntie Craig" by others as a sign of respect.

Fern Craig[]

An Appalachian girl who's friends with Kit Kittredge. Fern and Johnny were two of Millie Morrison's best students before the school was closed after the mine was shut down. Fern lives with her two brothers and grandmother.

Harlan Craig[]

Fern and Johnny's older brother. He had previously worked at the Mountain Hollow coal mine before the mine had to shut down.

Johnny Craig[]

Fern Craig's younger brother. His favorite book is The Little Engine That Could.

Officer Culpepper[]

An officer for the Cincinnati Zoo's "Zoo Police".

Mrs. Culver[]

A member of Margaret's garden club. Charlie mentions her as diving head-first into the nut dish after arriving.

Mrs. Dalrymple[]

A woman who moves into the Kittredge's house sometime prior to Danger at the Zoo. Mrs. Dalrymple enjoys quilting and had moved in with the Kittredges after her husband passed away.

Lady Deedles[]

A female pianist who sings and plays the piano in Stewart Simpson's band.


A girl in Kit's fourth grade class.

Dottie Drew[]

An actress who features in a movie that Kit and Ruthie see. Kit mostly ignores her, and describes her as a silly woman in a tiara singing and dancing her way up a staircase shaped like a wedding cake.

Daphne Dumont[]

An actress from New York hired by the Burns' Theater in A Thief in the Theater.

Amelia Earhart[]

Amelia Earhart is Kit's heroine. Kit wants to be like her and when she seed newsreels about her flights, she's intrigued. Kit has the article about her solo Atlantic flight pinned above her desk.

For Christmas 1932, Ruthie gives Kit a doll dressed like her.

Roland Fairchild[]

An actor from New York hired by the Burns' Theater in A Thief in the Theater.

Mrs. Finch[]

The owner of a general store located in Lewis Falls, Kentucky. She is generous and the kind of person who gets her own way.

In Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit, the two girls come into the general store where she is stocking cans, and Kit asks for a job to earn them train fair. She says the only job she has is scrubbing frying pans but she wouldn't wish it on her worst enemy. Kit agrees anyways, and she leads them behind the lunch counter and sets them to work. While they work the girls see customers come in and greet her, making purchases. When she hears a young lady--"Ginger Rogers"--say she is unsure what material to pick for a suit, she asks where she'd wear a suit in Lewis Falls. Once the protagonist picks the fabric, Mrs. Finch cuts it for her.

She gives the girls as much milk as they want for free with the lunch Ginger buys them, then pays the protagonist and Kit two nickels each in train fair for scrubbing her frying pans. If they choose to give the money to the hungry boy instead, she sees this and says she knows the money was hard-earned, asking how they'll get home now. When Kit says she'll call her Uncle Hendrick and beg him, Mrs. Fitch bossily says not if she has anything to do about it and instead her husband can give them a ride since he's driving to Cincinnati and can go this afternoon instead of tomorrow, having Mr. Finch take them there and dropping them off at Union Station to walk the rest of the way home.

Miss Finney[]

One of the two nurses boarding with the Kittredge family. She and Miss Hart board together in the former guest room.

The two help Kit and Ruthie with unraveling old sweaters to make scarves for their fathers in Changes for Kit, and Miss Finney says she's not sure who will get her scarf, as she's trying to decide between Franklin Roosevelt and Tarzan.

Mr. Fisher[]

Kit's, Ruthie's and Stirling's fourth grade teacher.

Norman Flint[]

Mr. Walkins' former dog trainer and employer, who had wanted to open his own kennel.

Mr. Gibson[]

The editor of the Cincinnati Register. He is nicknamed "Gibb" by his employees.


A Swedish actor hired by the Burns' Theater in A Thief in the Theater. He and Sven used to be strongmen.