These are minor characters in the Kanani Akina books.

Aunty Aimee

A woman who is a good friend of the Akinas.[1]

Mr. Akina

Kanani's father.

Mrs. Akina

Kanani's mother.

Jo Amoy

A girl who comes to Waipuna for The Arts and Crafts Festival with her dad. Jo becomes good friends with Celina and Kanani.

Celina de la Cruz

Kanani's best friend, who loves to surf and is very good at it.

Seth de la Cruz

Celina's older brother, who offers surfing lessons.

Aunty Lea

A woman who volunteers at the Waipuna Museum. While not of biological or marital relation to the Akinas,[1] she is good friends with them.

Tutu Lani

A kind old woman that loves sea turtles and makes leis.


A four-month-old female Hawaiian monk seal pup Kanani rescues near 'Olino Cove. Her tag identification name is G-68.


Jodi Sutton's second husband, and Rachel's stepfather. Although not actually seen in the books, Rachel describes him as being a kind and nice man.


Kanani's friend, who is a troublemaker and gets on her nerves.

Jodi Sutton

Mrs. Akina's sister, and Rachel's mother. She is mentioned in Aloha, Kanani, but not actually seen as she is in Paris with her second husband Paul.

Rachel Sutton

Kanani's cousin from New York. She comes to Hawai'i due to her step-father and mother's honeymoon. Like Kanani, Rachel is German and French on her mother's side. Although this was never mentioned, Rachel appears to be two years older since Mrs. Akina said that the last time Kanani had seen Rachel was when they were six and eight. Since Kanani is ten, Rachel appears to be twelve although her age wasn't mentioned.

Aunty Verna

An elderly woman who works with pottery.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Aloha, Kanani, pg. 27: "[Aunty Lea]'s not my real aunt, but here we call everyone 'aunty' and 'uncle.' [...]" Kanani explained. It is likely Aunty Aimee and Aunty Verna are not of biological or marital relation to Kanani and her family as well.
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