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These are minor characters in the Kailey Hopkins book.


Kailey's friend. Her mom owns a hair salon, and Chloe gets people in the hair salon to draw for the tide pools.


Tess's older sister. She usually doesn't like hanging out with Tess and Kailey, and is a lot more interested in the idea of boys and movies than the beach.


Kailey's friend and classmate.


A florist who supports Kailey's project on saving the tide pools. Jeremy always gives Kailey a purple iris when she stops by his store.

Joe Hong[]

A cashier at Fish King, a fish store. Mr. Hong is the first person to tell Kailey that the new development will get rid of the tide pools.

Mrs. Hopkins[]

Kailey's mother, who is a marine biologist.

Pete Hopkins[]

Kailey's father, who is a painter.


A waitress at Kailey's favorite resturant. Julia is the mother-in-law of Mr. Drake.

Luther Drake[]

The head of the planned Commercial Cove Resort. He has two kids, Daria (who is three) and Theo (who is two and a half). When Mr. Drake was a kid, he used to love the tide pools, which makes him decide to not build on the tide pools. He wants to build the resort for his two kids to stay at when they are older. 


Tess's mom. She has been close friends with Kailey's mom since Kailey and Tess introduced them to each other when they were at school.


Kailey's friend and classmate.


Kailey's best friend. She is a movie addict and likes to go to the beach with Kailey. She breaks her leg from a rock at the beach. Tess doesn't like crutches (which leads her to being in a bed for some of the book), but when she gets involved in the booth, she is more active and even goes to Kailey's meeting about them. She is at first not interested in Kailey's mission to save the tide pools, as she would rather have a mall and movie theater, but she eventually is convinced to help.