Harold and Patrica Ogilvie

A married couple who work as photographers and had previously resided in the apartment above the Albrights before moving out, as they claimed the apartment didn't "suit them".

Kenny O'Shaughnessy

A Vietnam veteran currently staying at the rehab center where Hank works at. Kenny hopes to one day work in a bank.

Mrs. Paterson

The librarian at Jack London Elementary School.


An Animal Rescue worker who assists the protagonist and Julie with helping a baby sea otter in A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie.


The owner of Pirate Pete's Parrot Palace.

Po Po

Ivy's maternal[1] grandmother and Mrs. Ling's mother, Jiao Jie Sun.[2][3][4] She immigrated to San Francisco in 1919 when she was fourteen years old.

Her personal story is greatly expanded in The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter.


A resident at Gold Moon Ranch. She lives with her husband Allen and daughter Dolores.

Mark Salisbury

A popular sixth grader. He is Julie's rival for student body president in Changes for Julie.

Joseph Sanchez

The principal of Jack London Elementary School. He is "all rules and no nonsense."

Irv and Gloria Shackley

An elderly couple who were staying at the Lings' house during the events of Lost in the City.

Joe Smiley

The weathermen for the KSKY news channel.

David Stratton

Aunt Nadine's husband and Raymond's father. He served in the army during the Vietnam War, where he was injured. He now works at a library in Senora, as he couldn't do any work around Gold Moon Ranch.

Nadine Stratton

Joyce Albright's sister. She dropped out of college to marry and founded Gold Moon Ranch in Sonora, California with her husband.

Julie and Mrs. Albright visit her and Raymond in Message in a Bottle.

Raymond Stratton

Aunt Nadine's son. He meets Julie when she and Joyce Albright visit Gold Moon Ranch in Message in a Bottle.

Mike Stenger

The older brother of "Stinger" Stenger. He's friends with Tracy Albright and spends the day with her in A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie.

"Stinger" Stenger

A sixth grade boy who attends Jack London Elementary School.


A member of the Twisters gymnastic team.


A friend of Tracy Albright.


An employee at the Cliff House. In A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie, she helps the protagonist after she loses the stone of her mood ring.

Tom Sweeny

A close neighbor of Catherine and Buddy.

Abe Taylor

A Vietnam veteran currently staying at the rehab center where Hank works at. Abe had discussed setting up a travel agency with James.


Louisa Knight's sister, a mother with two young children.

Eleanor Vernon

Joyce Albright's landlady and old school friend.

Reginald Vernon

Elanor Vernon's husband, who had made a fortune on real estate.

Mrs. Wagner

The art teacher at Jack London Elementary school.

Barb Warner

The mother of Carla and Todd Warner.

Carla Warner

A girl who attends Jack London Elementary School. She is the focus of the story in The Tangled Web, and makes a brief appearance in The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter and The Silver Guitar.

Todd Warner

The son of Barb Warner. He's a disabled Vietnam veteran currently staying at the rehab center where Hank works at.

Douglas Watson

The owner of a cottage whose window was smashed by Julie's basketball in A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie. He has three dogs: Queenie, a Jack Russel terrier; Trix, a dachshund; and Mr. Tuxedo, a Boston terrier.

Mr. Wescott

A wagon master for the Bicentennial wagon train.

John Witherspoon

A one hundred and one year old man that resides in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Tubby Wolfowitz

A Vietnam veteran currently staying at the rehab center where Hank works at. Tubby wants to go back to school to become an architect.

Mildred Woodacre

The owner of a ranch in Marin County.

Lonny Wu

A fourteen-year-old boy who attends Chinese school with Ivy and Andrew. He is friends with Paul Chan and Mike Gee. His favorite superhero is the Green Hornet. His mother works as a waitress at a tea house in Chinatown.

Jimmy Yep

A college student studying history. He is originally from New York and is writing a master's thesis on Chinese immigration to America.

Jimmy is only seen in The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter.

Robin Young

A volunteer at the Randall Museum's rescue center.

References and Footnotes

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  2. While it is difficult to romanize Chinese due to its status as a tonal language (see here: [1] ), it's most likely Ivy's grandparents were originally from Guangdong Province and are fluent in Taishanese as it was the predominant variant of the Cantonese dialect of 19th- and 20th-century immigrants from China to San Francisco. (Additional reference: [2])
  3. The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter, pg. 135: [Jimmy] turned to Po Po. "Your story about Angel Island was fascinating, Mrs. Sun." As Sun is Po Po's married name, it is most likely Gung Gung's family (last) name, and Mrs. Ling's maiden name.
  4. Chinese women traditionally retained their maiden surname upon marriage, although it is not uncommon for overseas Chinese women to either prepend or adopt the husband's surname to their own name. [3]
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