Maia Albright

Daniel Albright's younger sister, originally named Mary.

Maia is only seen in Lost in the City.


A resident at Gold Moon Ranch. He lives with his wife Rose and daughter Dolores.


An Animal Rescue worker who assists the protagonist and Julie with helping a baby sea otter in A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie.

Mr. Anderson

The owner of one of San Fransisco's painted ladies, his being claimed by Carla Warner as her family's in The Tangled Web. Mr. Anderson is acquainted with Carla as he pays her to walk his dog each week.


The daughter of Catherine and Buddy.

Mr. Arnold

The vice principal of Jack London Elementary School.


A girl in Julie's fifth grade class.


A resident at Gold Moon Ranch. She lives with her husband Jet and infant daughter Rainbow.

Uncle Buddy

Julie and Tracy's paternal uncle.

Mrs. Buzbee

The Vernons' next door neighbor, considered to being a bit too nosy.

Aunt Catherine

Julie and Tracy's paternal aunt.

Mrs. Chan

Andrew and Ivy's teacher at Chinese school. She has a son named Paul and collects dolls as a hobby.

Paul Chan

Mrs. Chan's son. His twelfth birthday is held at The Happy Panda, and is friends with Mike Gee and Lonny Wu.


A park ranger at Ocean Beach. He and Kimberly organize a clean-up effort for the beach in A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie.


A member of the Twisters gymnastic team.

Eli Coker

The owner of the Galaxy Cafe in Senora, California. He has expressed great interest in purchasing Gold Moon Ranch for it's land.

Jeff Coopersmith

A sixth grade boy who attends Jack London Elementary School.


A boy in Julie's fifth grade class.


The daughter of Rose and Allen. She lives at Gold Moon Ranch and is a waitress at the Galaxy Cafe in Senora to help support the commune.

Mrs. Duncan

Julie's fifth grade teacher.


A player on the Wildcats basketball team.

Henry Fong

Ivy's great-uncle.

Louie Fong

The owner of Louie's Number One Bakery. He is longtime friends with Gung Gung and Po Po.

Chris Fox

A former resident at Gold Moon ranch. Since leaving the commune, he and his brother founded the Fox Construction company.

Leo and Mariana Gage

The owners of the Mother Lode museum in Sonora, California.


A clerk working at a music store in Julie's neighborhood.

Mike Gee

A boy who attends Chinese school with Ivy and Andrew. He is friends with Paul Chan and Lonny Wu.


An employee at the Five-and-Ten Shop.


Ivy's gymnastics coach. She is portrayed by Caitlin McGee in the Amazon Special.

Gung Gung

Ivy's maternal[1] grandfather and Mrs. Ling's father, Mr. Sun.[2][3] He owns and runs a popular restaurant in Chinatown called The Happy Panda. He is portrayed by Tzi Ma in the Amazon Special.

Mr. Hammond

The manager of a music store in Julie's neighborhood.


A Vietnam veteran and acquaintance of Joyce Albright. He works at a rehab center for Vietnam veterans.


Uncle Lee's newlywed wife.

Brian Hannigan

The Jaguars Basketball team's forward player.

James Horner

A Vietnam veteran who is currently staying at the rehab center where Hank works at. James had discussed setting up a travel agency with Abe.

Ms. Hunter

Julie's fourth grade teacher.


Joyce's mother and Julie and Tracy's grandmother who owns a farm in Santa Rosa, California mentioned in Meet Julie only.


Joyce's father and Julie and Tracy's grandfather who moved to France with his wife and Joyce mentioned in Meet Julie only.


Eleanor Vernon's nephew. After he finished high school and deciding to skip college, Jasper moved in with his aunt and uncle to work until he could figure out what he would want to do with his life.


A boy in Julie's fourth grade class.


A member of the Twisters gymnastic team.


A resident at Gold Moon Ranch. He lives with his wife Bonnie and infant daughter Rainbow.


The son of Catherine and Buddy.

Paul Johnson

The point guard for the Jaguars basketball team.

Olivia Kaminsky

Joyce Albright's childhood friend. She originally lived in Virginia before moving to San Francisco.


A member of the Twisters gymnastic team.


A boy in Julie's fourth grade class.


A girl in Julie's fourth grade class.

Kimberly (A Brighter Tomorrow)

A park ranger at Ocean Beach. She and Chip organize a clean-up effort for the beach in A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie.

Vicky King

A resident of Gold Moon Ranch. She used to be an accountant before moving to the commune three months prior to Message in a Bottle.

Louisa Knight

An African American woman who works as a housekeeper for the Vernons. Louisa dreams of making it in show business. She has one sister, and their mother died sometime in 1967.

Uncle Lee

Ivy's uncle from Long Beach.

Andrew Ling

Ivy's older brother. He idolizes Bruce Lee and studies kung fu. He is portrayed by Lance Lim in the Amazon Special.

Marilyn Ling (neé Sun)

Ivy's mother.[3][4] She wants to be a lawyer and attends Hastings College of the Law. She is portrayed by Gwendoline Yeo in the Amazon special.

Missy Ling

Ivy's younger sister. She owns a beat-up stuffed lion toy named Roary. She is portrayed by Kyra Lyn in the Amazon Special.

Mr. Ling

Ivy's father. He is portrayed by Rob Yang in the Amazon Special.

Bill Liu

The son of Mei and Robert Liu.

Deanna Liu

The daughter of Bill Liu.

Mei Liu

A very close friend of Po Po.

Gordon Marino

A student at Sierra Vista School and a former classmate of Julie Albright's.

Mrs. Marino

The mother of Gordon Marino.

Mr. Martin

The janitor at Jack London Elementary School.


A boy with curly hair Julie and T.J. meet in The Silver Guitar.

Tommy McDermott

The team captain of the Jaguars basketball team.

Michigan Bob

An acquaintance of Tom Sweeny.

Tony Monteverdi

The center player on the Jaguars basketball team.

References and Footnotes

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  4. Chinese women traditionally retained their maiden surname upon marriage, although it is not uncommon for overseas Chinese women to either prepend or adopt the husband's surname to their own name. [3]
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