Minor Characters in Josefina's Series

These are minor characters in the Josefina stories.


Santiago's grandson, introduced in Josefina's Song. He assists his father with herding the Montoyas' sheep.

Ofelia Aragón

A friend of Josefina's. In Secrets in the Hills, her family hosts the village's harvest fiesta.

Señora Aragón

The mother of Ofelia Aragón and the maternal aunt of Solidad. She took in Solidad after she ran away from her Navajo captors and her parents passed away.


The main cook on the rancho and Miguel's wife.

In A Reward for Josefina she and Miguel come along on the trip for gathering pine nuts--she has made the lunch for everyone--but she stays at the clearing to tend the cooking and Ana's young sons. After Josefina accidentally wakes Antonio up, Carmen says he's hungry and she must take him to Ana to nurse, leaving Juan and Josefina alone together.

Esteban Durán

Mariana's grandfather, a Pueblo man, and a friend and trading partner of Andres Montoya's. He raises sheep, which Andres trades their woven blankets for.

Doña Felícitas

An elderly widow who resides in Josefina's village.


A young boy Josefina and Birdy babysit at Señora Sánchez's in Song of the Mockingbird.

Señor Fernando

A man seen visiting the Montoyas' rancho and expressing interest in purchasing Andres Montoya's best horse, Valiente, in The Glowing Heart.


Florecita (whose name is a diminutive of the Spanish word "flower") is the biggest, meanest, and oldest goat in the goat herd that is kept close to the rancho. She is a sneaky, nasty bully who bites, rams, and eats everything. Josefina is scared of her. She is predominantly white with black spots and mean yellow eyes.

In Meet Josefina she chases down Josefina for the primroses in her pouch, and when they spill on the water of the stream she eats them all. She gets out of her pen during the fandango and eats up Josefina's bouquet and Mamá's flowers. Josefina is so mad that she stands up to her, yanking the stems out of her mouth and whacking her with them before dragging Florecita back to her pen.

She dies giving birth to a baby goat Josefina names Sombrita.

Señor García

The mayordomo of Josefina's village. He is respected by the villagers because of his knowledge and liked for his kindness.

Señora García

The wife of Señor García.

Don Javier

A man who once courted Dolores Romero, only to refuse proposal after losing his estate gambling in a card game. He appears in The Glowing Heart, handing Dolores an heirloom she inherited from her Tía Guadalupe.

Señor Jaramillo

A man Josefina and Birdy meet at the Santa Fe plaza in Song of the Mockingbird. He attempts to persuade Birdy to trade her clay flute for some turquoise, which Birdy refuses.


A young girl Josefina and Birdy babysit at Señora Sánchez's in Song of the Mockingbird.


A boy in Josefina's village. In Secrets in the Hills, he claimed to have heard La Llorona one night.


An infant boy Josefina and Birdy babysit at Señora Sánchez's in Song of the Mockingbird.


Carmen's husband and a servant on the rancho, who lights the morning fires among his duties.

In A Reward for Josefina he and Carmen come along on the trip for gathering pine nuts. Miguel leads the mule who is carrying lunch and Juan. He stays at the clearing and, when he is going to lead the mule to the stream to drink, Josefina asks to go--but she is too excited and accidentally wakes Antonio up. Carmen must take him to Ana to nurse and both of the being gone leaves Juan and Josefina alone together.


Teresita's younger brother, whom she reunites with in The Glowing Heart.

Mr. O'Toole

A white man who conducts business in Mexico. His son is Patrick O'Toole and he is an associate and friend of Felipe Romero, who did business with him the prior summer. He sends Patrick to speak to Felipe in Josefina Saves the Day as he is further south in Mexico conducting business.

In Changes for Josefina he invites Felipe to be part of his wagon train along the Santa Fe Trail between Santa Fe and Missouri, which Felipe accepts.

Roger Rexford

An American trader from St. Louis, Missouri and an acquaintance to Felipe Romero. In Secrets in the Hills, he begins courting Francisca Montoya.

Margarita Sánchez

The daughter of Señor and Señora Sánchez. In Josefina's Surprise, she is given the role of María in Las Posadas. However on the day of she is too sick to perform.

Señor Sánchez

The husband of Señora Sánchez. He was to play José in Las Posadas when Margarita was to play María.

Señora Sánchez

A plump and hospitable woman who lives in the village, and was a good friend of Maria Montoya's.


The Montoyas' herder, introduced in Josefina's Song. He had fallen ill prior to his story and had gone blind by the time he was visited by Andres Montoya.

Padre Simón

The priest in Josefina's village.


Ofelia Aragón's cousin. She was abducted by the Navajo when she was fourteen and was able to escape several years later, running away with another New Mexican captive. Returning to her home in the spring of 1825, she learns her parents had passed away and moves in with her mother's sister, Senora Aragón.


Ana Montoya's husband, and the father of Juan and Antonio. He is clever and inventive, and not afraid of change.

He is seen dancing with his wife at the fandango in Meet Josefina and, while the family was in Santa Fe, managed the rancho for the summer. In Changes for Josefina he, along with Ana and their two sons, move to Santa Fe to live with her grandparents Felipe Romero and Maria Herrera; he will manage Felipe's rancho while he travels back and forth between Santa Fe and Missouri.

Pedro Zamora

A rastreador (tracker) the Montoyas meet in Secrets in the Hills. Josefina assists Señor Zamora with a search for treasure, as he believes to have inherited a treasure map from his father.


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