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These are the minor characters in the Jess McConnell book.


A worker at the site that greets the McConnells on their arrival day. When Jess and Sarita find the orphaned parrot, Barbara allows the girls to take care of it. She is later seen with Mr. and Mrs. McConnell when picking up Jess from the Bols'.

José Bol

Sarita's five-year-old brother.

Marcos Bol

Sarita's seven-year-old brother. Marcos is described as very smart. He helps with Pippi when Jess and Sarita go on an eco-adventure.

Yollie Bol

Sarita's mother. Wife of Michael Bol.

Mr. and Mrs. Cutwell

A childless couple from Texas on tour of Belize. They gladly allow Jess and Sarita to join their tour. Mrs. Cutwell indirectly caused looters to get to Jess and Sarita's archaeological discovery.


A spider monkey at the dig that befriends Jess and Sarita.

Grandma Emi

Jess's maternal grandmother. She stays home with Heather and Jason.

Miss Matilla

Jess's fourth grade teacher back home in Michigan. She agrees to Jess going to Belize, and sends Jess homework assignments (on computer).

Heather McConnell

Jess's sixteen-year-old sister. Heather obviously cares for her younger sister. Heather was the one who taught Jess how to make butterfly kisses.

Heather is never seen in the story, only mentioned.

Jason McConnell

Jess's seventeen-year-old older brother. He nicknamed Jess "Loppy" when she was younger. Jess had tried to say the word "puppy," but mispronounced it. He's very funny and likes to tease Jess.

Jason is never seen in the story, only mentioned.


Pippi is a small parrot that Sarita and Jess find and raise.