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These are minor characters in the Gabriela McBride books.

Mrs. Baxter[]

The school district's speech therapist. Gabriela's been working with her since second grade.

Mr. Blake[]

The husband of Mrs. Blake. He drives his wife to her art class at Liberty Arts every Wednesday, reading Shakespeare in his car as he waits.

Mrs. Blake[]

A woman who attends art classes at Liberty Arts every Wednesday.

Josiah Benton[]

A sixth grader at Kelly Middle School. He and Gabriela are in the same social studies class.


A member of the poetry club at Liberty Arts. She has very bushy hair and likes wearing pink. She mentions having a brother in Gabriela: Time for Change, who doesn't like her fashion choices.


A senior dancer at Liberty Arts. She's tall with a braided bun and glasses.


The seventh-grade ambassador at Kelly Middle School. He likes basketball and, like Red, likes protecting his reputation.


An employee at a dance-wear shop. She helps fit Gabriela and the other ballet students into their first pair of pointe shoes in Gabriela: Time for Change.


A sixth grader at Kelly Middle School. She runs for sixth-grade ambassador in Gabriela Speaks Out.

Cameron Fischer[]

A reporter for CBS News. In Gabriela he interviews Gabriela after the dance performance at the park, following a tip from Red.

Darrin Gibbs[]

A sixth grader at Kelly Middle School. He runs for sixth-grade ambassador in Gabriela Speaks Out. He is on the football team, and wants to make lunches bigger.

Alejandro Gomez[]

A member of the poetry club at Liberty Arts. He also plays basketball with Red, and has a younger brother. He has a long ponytail.

Louis Harmon[]

Teagan Harmon's grandfather. He's the visual arts instructor at Liberty Arts and teaches an art class at the center.

Teagan Harmon[]


Teagan and Gabriela on the cover of Gabriela: Time for Change

Gabriela's best friend and sidekick. She has long strawberry-blonde hair and freckles and always wears a turquoise beanie (but is portrayed with short hair on the American Girl World app).

She has an interest in coding and carries around her coding notebook (named Cody) wherever she goes. In sixth grade she opts to attend Main Line Tech instead of Kelly Middle School, as it's one of the best STEM Schools in Philadelphia. She enjoys classes, but has a lot of work and feels a lot of pressure to be the best. She doesn't have many friends at Main Line, only befriending Aaron at the end of Gabriela: Time for Change. She can get jealous of Gabriela hanging out with other people and spending her time somewhere else, because they've been "BFF"s for so long.

Aaliyah Reade-Johnson[]

A classmate of Gabriela's. She has dark brows and hazel eyes. Her mother has a catering business, which Aaliyah sometimes helps with, and she also has a stepsister and a younger cousin. As she says her Mom is the Queen of Chicken Verde Enchiladas, Gabriela calls her the Enchilada Princess.

She moved to Philadelphia the year before the events of Gabriela. She frequently teased Gabriela for her stuttering by calling her "Repeat". She is feared at school for being overly bossy and stubborn, and she had no friends until Gabriela decided to write her a poem and the two befriended each other. It is later revealed that she had wanted to befriend Gabriela and Teagan but when she realized they didn't like her, she decided to mask her hurt feelings by bullying them. She and Gabriela are both the sixth-grade student council representatives.

She is described as a "born leader", and is incredibly good at writing and delivering speeches, as well as having a quick memory. She really likes punctuality, crafts, food-preparation and party-planning.

Isaiah Jordan[]


Left to right: Teagan, Isaiah, and Red on the Gabriela storyline of American Girl World.

A member of the Gifted Youth Program. He's a fan of William Shakespeare and often recites Shakespearean quotes. He's not very good at socializing and doesn't have many friends, except for Gabriela. He is dubbed "Fakespeare" by the seventh and eighth graders during Sixth-Grade Initiation, and helps Gabriela with her stance against the tradition.

In the American Girl World App, he has black hair and dark eyes. His phone number in the game is 465-8674.

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan[]

Isaiah Jordan's parents. Mr. Jordan runs the Mount Calvary Baptist church and offers the rec room to Liberty Arts in Gabriela.

Kayla and Layla[]

Twin sixth graders at Kelly Middle School. They both run for sixth-grade ambassador in Gabriela Speaks Out. They are very concerned with social life, and constantly giggle and talk in unison.

They are described as fraternal twins, but make up for not being identical by wearing the same outfit every day.

Jessie King[]

The emcee of two Voices poetry slams in Gabriela: Time for Change. She has multi-colored dreadlocks and reminds Gabriela of her social studies teacher, Ms. Tottenham.

Clifford "Red" Knight[]


Red as seen on the Gabriela storyline of the American Girl World

Gabriela's cousin. He's been living with the McBrides since his mother, a military doctor, had been called back to active duty. He also sees over the poetry club at Liberty Arts. He's very good at poetry and likes to play Basketball at school; he's a year older than Gabriela.

He's mainly addressed as "Red". In the American Girl World app, he has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Tonya Knight[]

Gabriela's maternal aunt and Tina's sister, a single mother to her son Red (Gabriela: Time for Change). She is a army medical doctor who is currently overseas, so her son Clifford is staying with Gabriela's family. Clifford writes his poem about her for his Voices Presentation.


A student in Gabriela's ballet class. Gabriela used to hang out with her before she became better friends with the Poetry Club. She practiced with her pointe shoes almost every day of the week until her Mom made her stop.

She has long hair that she ties in a huge bun for ballet.


A sixth grader at Kelly Middle School. He and Gabriela are in the same social studies class.

Robert McBride[]


Tina McBride, Red Knight and Robert McBride on the Gabriela storyline of American Girl World

Gabriela's father. He works as a network engineer, which- according to Gabriela- makes him see the whole as one big computer.

Tina McBride[]

Gabriela's mother. She's the founder and executive districts of the Liberty Arts Center, and acts as the director of the dance programs. One of her earliest dreams was to be a Radio City Rockette, but when she was offered a part, she turned it down to open Liberty Arts. She was very proud of Gabriela's ballet.

Zuri Moore[]

A sixth grader at Kelly Middle School. She and Gabriela are in the same social studies class.

Ms. Oliver[]

A teacher at Kelly Middle School.


Natalia is a student in Gabriela's ballet class. Gabriela used to hang out with her before she became better friends with the Poetry Club. She was extremely excited to go en pointe and surprised when Gabriela wasn't as excited about it.

Amelia Sanchez[]


Amelia Sanchez on the Gabriela storyline of American Girl World

A ballet instructor at Liberty Arts. She had been an apprentice director with the Liberty Dance Company for a year and half, and is regarded by Gabriela as being of the best dancers and teachers.[1] and has dyslexia.

Julia Santos[]

A woman who works with Mrs. McBride whenever she needs to get in touch with the city regarding the Liberty Arts building.


The eighth-grade ambassador at Kelly; she likes strategy games.


The janitor at Liberty Arts. He's been working at the center since it first opened.

Principal Stewart[]

The principal at Thomas Jefferson Elementary.


A young girl taking dance lessons at Liberty Arts. She's part of the Tiny Tots program.


A cameraman working for CBS News. He films Cameron Fischer's interview with Gabriela in Gabriela.

Victoria Thorton[]

A classmate of Gabriela's. She's considered as one of the most popular girls in the sixth grade, and did not like the Sixth-Grade Initiation.

Ms. Tottenham[]

Gabriela's sixth grade social studies teacher. She has fruit-punch colored dreadlocks and usually wears various bracelets on her wrists, and is the advisor for the school Ambassadors.


  1. Gabriela Speaks Out, pg 43: After poetry group ended, I race over to studio four for our first ballet class of the year with my second-favorite instructor in the world (after Mama), Amelia Sanchez.