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These are minor characters in the Caroline Abbott's series.

Mr. and Mrs. Aabink[]

A Dutch couple residing on a farm in New York State, in the same area as the Livingstons' new farm. They both speak very little English.

Sailing Master Adams[]

A member of the US Navy seen aboard Lt. Woolsey's ship in Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline.

Mrs. Allen[]

The mother of Mrs. Bailey. She appears in Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline (online endings), scolding Annie's father as she removes him from a tavern. She used to do laundry as she and her children traveled with the army, accompanying her husband.

Perley Annable[]

A member of the US Navy seen traveling to his home in Boston, Massachusetts in The Traveler's Tricks. Perley was mentioned to have been injured by falling off a ship's mast.


A young girl who appears in Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline (online endings). Her mother is ill and her father visits a tavern after working at a lumberyard.


A paymaster for the US Navy. In Traitor in the Shipyard he is sent to Sackets Harbor to investigate possible British spies and traitors.

Mrs. Bailey[]

An innkeeper who appears in Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline (online endings). Her father was a soldier, and his children and wife would travel along with the army. She married a soldier on her sixteenth birthday and continued to work for the army until her husband died a year later. With the money they saved, she was able to rent the inn, hoping she can purchase it when she can.

Baxter Family[]

A family living in Upper Canada. They were old family friends of the Abbotts who had started a farm on an island just over the border. When Mama Abbott proposes staying with them to rest when she sails around Lake Ontario, Seth Whittleslee bluntly says no, as they are loyal to Britain and it would not be safe.

Elizabeth Bullard[]

A young woman seen traveling alongside Caroline and Rhonda in The Traveler's Tricks. Elizabeth was heading to Albany to seek employment after she and her brother sold their family's farm following the death of their father.

Henry Bullard[]

Elizabeth Bullard's brother, a soldier that had been stationed at Sackets Harbor before he left the army to help his sister run their family's farm. .

Mr. Crowley[]

Mr. Eckford's clerk.

Peter Danforth[]

A stagecoach diver hired to drive along the route between Sackets Harbor and Albany.

Mr. Eckford[]

The master shipbuilder at the Navy Shipyard.


A member of the US Navy and a close acquaintance of Hosea Barton.

Robert Herrick[]

A magician who resides in Sackets Harbor.

Amelia Hathaway[]


Amelia Hathaway

Rhonda Hathaway's younger sister. As she is the youngest, there is no one her own age to play with and she often feels left out.

For Christmas, Caroline, Lydia Livingston, and Rhonda make her a doll which she treasures.

Lieutenant Hathaway[]

Rhonda and Amelia's father in the American army. Due to his position, he must travel often and his family comes with him. He is described as a tall man and has a special little knock.

Mrs. Hathaway[]

Rhonda and Amelia's mother. She has brown hair, a thin face, and wears spectacles. She and her family arrive in Caroline's Secret Message; her family have been looking for lodging for an hour when they arrive at the Abbott home and are given lodging, much to her relief.

Lucinda Hodges[]

A seamstress hired by the Navy to sew shirts for the soldiers. She resides in a boardinghouse and is also courting Cyrus Osborne.

Major Humphries[]

The army major in charge of Point Frederick.

Irish Jack[]


Irish Jack

The sailor who brings supplies to Sackets Harbor during the war.


The youngest carpenter at Abbott's Shipyard.

Charles Jencks[]

A man seen traveling alongside Caroline and Rhonda in The Traveler's Tricks. He had been on a fact finding mission for the governor and had been eager to reach Albany to hand over his report.

Corporal Jenner[]

An army corporal[1] stationed at Point Frederick.


A blacksmith in Sackets Harbor.

Sidney Lennox[]

A customs officer in charge of making sure no Americans are selling food or supplies to the British, or buying British goods.

Grandfather Livingston[]

Grandmother Livingston's late husband and Mama Abbott's father. He died during the Revolutionary War.

Oliver Livingston[]

Caroline's oldest cousin and Lydia's older brother. He is ten years older than Caroline and so about eight years older than Lydia. He is captured by the British Navy along with his uncle John Abbott in Meet Caroline. As the Livingstons live in Upper Canada and are considered British citizens,[2] Oliver is later freed from imprisonment.

Following his release, Oliver arrives at the Abbott home in Caroline's Secret Message, explaining that he was let go but the British are keeping John since he is a ship builder and they do not want him building boats for the American side. He also explains that he intends to join the Navy.


A young girl the protagonist and Caroline meet in Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline. Her mothers works as a laundress for the British soldiers stationed at a fort on Pine island.


A serving girl at The Eagle Tavern.

Corporal Meyer[]

An army corporal officer seen only in Caroline's Battle.

Captain Miller[]

A veteran from the Revolutionary War. In Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline, he organized a raid on a British Fort at Pine Island.

Lieutenant Morris[]

A British Navy officer. He boards the White Gull and explains to John Abbott that America is at war with Britain and that he and his nephew Oliver are to be taken prisoner and the vessel seized for King George III. He does show kindness once he learns that Lydia Livingston and Caroline are aboard and assures that they will be returned to their respective homes, personally escorting Caroline back to Sackets Harbor.

Cyrus Osborne[]

A close friend of John Abbott's. John had met Cyrus while they were imprisoned together in Kingston.

Mrs. Parkhurst[]

The mother of Robbie Punkhurst and his two younger sisters. Mrs. Parkhurst worked as a laundress for her husband's army regiment until Mr. Parkhurst was killed during the Second Battle of Sacket's Harbor.

Robbie Parkhurst[]

A homeless boy who steals from farms to help his family survive.


Hosea Barton's apprentice at Abbott's Shipyard.

Flora Pemberton[]

The daughter of Mr. Pemberton. Her mother had died years ago and her older sisters have all been married. Flora is around fifteen years old and described as being very sweet.

Mr. Pemberton[]

A merchant who resides at Pemberton Cove.

Jackson Potter[]

Mrs. Potter's grandson, who is five years old.

Mrs. Potter[]

A resident of Sackets Harbor. She and her grandson Jackson accompany Caroline and Rhonda when they traveled to Albany in The Traveler's Tricks.


The caulker at Abbott's Shipyard.


The apprentice rope-maker at Abbott's Shipyard.

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw[]

Neighbors of the Abbot family.

Mrs. Simmons[]

The owner of a boardinghouse in Sackets Harbor. One of her tenants is Lucinda Hodges.

Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair[]

Neighbors of the Livingston Family (near their new farm in New York State).

Mr. and Mrs. Skelley[]

A couple residing on a farm in New York State, in the same area as the Livingstons' new farm.

Lieutenant Stockman[]

An officer seen traveling to Lowville in The Traveler's Tricks.

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell[]

The owners of a tavern named The Eagle Tavern.

Lieutenant Melancthon Taylor Woolsey[]

An American navy officer stationed in Sackets Harbor. Lt. Woolsey is an actual historical figure; he was sent to the shores of Lake Ontario in 1808 to supervise the construction of the USS Oneida.[3]

Mr. and Mrs. Zahn[]

A German couple who are neighbors to the Livingstons (near their new farm in New York State).

They had two sons, but lost their eldest one after he joined the army and was killed in July 1812.

Peter Zahn[]

The youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Zahn.


A four year old boy Caroline and the protagonist meet in Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline. He's an orphan and works as a powder monkey aboard Lt. Woolsey's ship.


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