These are minor characters in the Addy stories.


Aduke is the grandmother of Ben Walker and the great-grandmother of Addy Walker. She is mentioned only in passing by Momma the first day she and Addy run away. Aduke had a cowrie shell with her when she was captured and brought to America to be a slave. She was no older than Addy at the time--about nine years old. The shell was passed down in the family and Ruth gives it to Addy along with one of Sam's shoelaces to wear around her neck. Her parents named Addy after her, though it was originally assumed that they did not name her "Aduke" directly. Aduke was Nigerian, as her name is Yoruba and means "beloved."

Mary and Jefferson Adams

A recently freed elderly couple who appears in A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy (online endings). The couple escaped from Georgia and recently arrived in Philadelphia. Jefferson is good at repairing and cleaning up old things, and Mary is a good cook. They have had several children but do not know where they could be located, as they were sold over the years, and can only hope they may be reunited. When the Protagonist and Addy hear this, they introduce the couple to Ruth Walker and Ruth and Addy accept them as extended family.

Mrs. Andersen

Mrs. Andersen is a white woman who Addy sees at the local butcher shop. She is only seen in Addy Studies Freedom, very upset at Lincoln's assassination.

Miss Caroline

See: Miss Caroline

Mr. Cooper

A member of the Quaker Aid Society. He has thick, curly blond hair.[1]

Elizabeth Cope

Albert Radisson's fiancee. Elizabeth's real name is Bessie and is also Uncle Solomon's niece as she was his sister's daughter.


Sarah Moore's cousin. He was born in Canada after his mother Eva and father ran away from slavery. He is only seen in Addy's Little Brother.

Mr. Delmonte

The owner of the secondhand store in Addy's neighborhood.

Reverend Drake

The minster at Trinity A.M.E. Church.

Mrs. Drake

The leader of the children's group at Trinity A.M.E Church. She is Reverend Drake's wife.


A girl in Addy's class, who appears in A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy. She is a former slave who originally came from Virginia. It's mentioned that she knew how to read and write before arriving in Philadelphia because the master's daughter secretly taught her.

Mr. and Mrs. Golden

Mr. and Mrs. Golden are the owners of the boarding house that Addy's family moves to before the events of Happy Birthday, Addy!.

Mr. Gunter

A carpenter assigned by Albert Radisson to work on his property in Shadows on Society Hill.

Isabella Howell

Isabella Howell is a well-to-do black girl who Ruth Walker is making a dress for during Addy's Surprise. Her mother, Mrs. Howell, accuses Momma of doing poor work while Isabella stands behind without speaking. Addy notices that she has gotten larger. This is most likely the reason the dress does not fit her anymore. In the illustrations done by Melodye Rosales she is shown as a very light skinned black girl with fine hair; Dahl Taylor made her darker.

Mrs. Howell

Mrs. Howell is Isabella's mother. She accuses Ruth Walker of doing very poor work on her daughter's Christmas dress, which she brings back with popped seams and buttons. Mrs. Ford accuses Mrs. Howell of ignoring that her daughter has gained weight since the dress was commissioned, and refunds her only because she is displeased. In the illustrations done by Melodye Rosales she is shown as a very light skinned black woman; Dahl Taylor made her darker.

Clara Johnson

Clara Johnson is only mentioned in Addy Learns a Lesson as Sarah's new desk partner when Addy is paired with Harriet Davis. In Melodye Rosales's illustrations she is shown as light skinned.


A boy in Addy's class; he is only characterized as a boy who picks his nose in Addy's Wedding Quilt and otherwise is not mentioned or seen.

Billy Maples

A boy in Addy's class. In Addy Learns a Lesson, Billy wishes that he could fight in the war so that he could become a hero-even if he loses one of his legs.


A girl in Addy's class. She is friends with Harriet, which means she is well off as Harriet does not generally associate with poorer people. At the spelling bee, she is impressed with Addy's new outfit. She is impressed with Addy and her mother's sewing skills and warms up to her, but is still not a friend.

Mabel Moore

Sarah's mother. She meets Addy and her mother on the dock at the start of Addy Learns a Lesson and helps Momma get a job at Ford's Dress Shop. While she is shown on the Addy's friends page, she does not play a major role in Addy's books the way Sarah does. She is in the Addy play, but is played by a multiple character actress and is not seen on stage after the scene on the docks.

When Addy wants to bring Sarah back to school, after Sarah is forced to drop out to bring in more money, Mrs. Moore kindly but firmly tells Addy that they need money now and can't dream about later.

Mr. Polk

The sick elderly man at the hospital who Addy visits in Changes for Addy. Addy reminds him of his granddaughter Charlotte.

Albert Radisson

An architect who owns a house on Society Hill.

Mrs. Radisson

The mother of Albert Radisson.

Miles Roberts

A carpenter who hires Ben Walker in Happy Birthday, Addy!.

Master Stevens

See: Master Stevens


A boy in Addy's class, who appears in A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy. He appears to be the protagonist's age, and is just learning his letters on a slate.

Mary Tucker

A Union spy Addy meets in Shadows on Society Hill.

Mr. Williams

A border at the Goldens' boardinghouse. He is only seen in Addy Studies Freedom.


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