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For the quick mysteries about the Historical Characters, see Minute Mysteries.

Mini Mysteries is a short-story mystery book.


The stories are told around a modern group of friends--Marie Cantu, Noelle Dee, Hailey Ferris, Brooke Pinnock, Hope Harrison, Sage Matthews, Faith Peterson, and Rose James--in the style of Encyclopedia Brown stories. A mystery or tricky situation is put forth, with readers asked to figure out the solution to the puzzle and how the characters came to their conclusion.

First Edition[]

The first edition from 2004 has twenty stories. The solutions for each mystery are located in the back of the book with dark purple thicker cardstock pages with perforated flaps. Underneath the flap for the story, the solution for each mystery is given.

Second Edition[]


Mini Mysteries, second edition.

The book was revised in 2015 with new character illustrations and expanded to thirty-four stories: it included twelve stories from the first edition, twelve from Mini Mysteries 2, and ten from Mini Mysteries 3. The solutions for each mystery are located in the cover of the book on thick cardstock with perforated door-themed flaps. Underneath each of the seventeen numbered doors, two solutions are given, one for each mystery; one of each is upside down on the door.

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