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Mike D'Amico is Courtney Moore's stepfather.

Facts and Personality

Mike was a widower; he was married before to Bonnie D'Amico and they had one daughter, Tina. Bonnie died of an unspoken of disease when Tina was six. When Tina was nine, he met Maureen and her daughter Courtney (who was five), and they later married and had a son, Rafi.

Mike owns D'Amico Electronics, an electronics store located on the third floor of the Orange Valley Mall. Like Courtney, he is into what Tina calls "nerd" hobbies and gets along well with Courtney. He listens to her about her day, video games, and other such focuses. He's very good with electronics--bragging that he can program a twenty-one-function remote control in less than a minute--and knows everything about VCRs, answering machines, camcorders, remote controls, cordless phones, and cassette players. He taught Courtney how to program the VCR, so she can tape her favorite TV shows (and fast-forward past commercials).[1]

Mike often attempts to sound like a teenager. which annoys Tina. He drives a brown Chevy truck. Mike is not a good cook because he's not good at cooking more than one thing at a time and has even set off the smoke alarm cooking hot dogs.

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