The Middy Outfit with the Nature Paraphernalia and black stockings.

The Middy Outfit (also known as Samantha's Summer Outfit) was originally introduced to Samantha's Collection as two separate components, the Middy Dress with Tam and the High Button Shoes, in 1988. The set was combined in 2007 and ultimately retired in 2008. The outfit is associated with the book Samantha Saves the Day. Retail cost for the Middy Outfit (combined) was $24.


Long sleeved white middy dress with sailor collar. Pleated skirt with four decorative buttons. Elastic lining at waistband. Black braid trim on collar and sleeves. Embroidered black anchor on front and stars on collar. Attached crest on right sleeve. Lace up black ribbon through six eyelets on lower part of skirt. Velcros up the back and at sleeves with snap at waistband. When sold (with the tam only), it was $22.


White sailor tam. Black grosgrain ribbon brim and knot.


Black and white high button shoes. Black toes and heel. Four functional white buttons on side. When sold separately, they were $8.



Bronze shiny bo's'n's (boatswain's) whistle. This was phased out of the outfit sometime in 2005.

Dress Like Your Doll

Sailor Suit

Starting in 1988, a child's-size outfit was available:

  • Sailor Suit: $95; separate skirt and top, whistle included.
  • High Button Boots: $68
  • French Hairbows: (White Grosgrain) $15

This was phased out in 2000.


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