Mia St. Clair (doll)

The Mia Doll.

The Mia St. Clair doll was released in 2008 and was available for only one year before retirement. She was the Girl of the Year for 2008.

Mia's freckle pattern.
  • Hair: Red, side jagged part, no bangs
Mia comes with a braid on the right side of her head.
Her hair is slightly layered.
  • Eyes: Hazel

Mia's freckles are unique among the freckled dolls. Rather than dark-colored spots on either side of the nose, her lighter tan freckles are across of her nose as well as on either side and cheeks.

Meet Outfit

Mia with Mia.
Mia's Meet Outfit is intended to visually describe her as an ice skater, with a winter-like theme.


Long-sleeved turtleneck magenta sweater with thumb holes. White snowflake decals and skate club logo on front. The decals are easily peeled off.


Heather grey skirt with sequins. Blue embroidery at waistband.


Blue panties with stars.


Light pink tights.


Blue high-top sneakers with white trim and hot pink laces.

Mia's top, skirt, and tights were offered in girl's sizes.

  • Zip Top: $36
  • Skate Skirt: $34
  • Tights: $14
MiaZipTop girls.jpg
Zip Top.
MiaSkateSkirt girls.jpg
Skate Skirt.
MiaTights girls.jpg


Two Mia prototypes.
  • Before Mia's release, prototype pictures were released of variant options wearing a prototype of the Performance Outfit, including two dark-skinned dolls with an early version of the Sonali Mold.

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