Mia's Bedroom Furniture (seen from the bed side w/bed extended).

Mia's Bedroom Furniture was part of Mia's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2008. The retail cost was $125.

Three-Sided Unit

Three sided bedroom unit consisting of a desk, a closet/drawer area, and a pull out bed. Blue metal trim. Features:

  • Pull-out bed/couch. When pulled out, large enough to hold a full sized doll.
  • Desk area.
  • Closet with mirror; opens for four storage shelves
  • Two hooks--lower and upper
  • Display shelves
  • Two pull out drawers



Mia's Bedroom Furniture (seen from the desk side).


Mia's Bedroom Furniture (seen from the closet side).

White mattress. Folds into three parts to be stored on top of the collapsed bed area as a chair.


Blue plastic desk chair.


White pillow with blue ribbon trim.

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