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Melody's Recording Studio.

Melody's Recording Studio was introduced to Melody's Collection in 2016. Retail cost is $250.



Opposite side of Melody's Recording Studio.

Particle board and plastic pieces. Sound room includes plastic orange telephone, plastic recording desk, faux orange linoleum floor, black and white flecked wall, and recording equipment on wall. The flecked wall replicates real walls used for soundproofing in studios. Orange wall includes compartment with door to store sound reels. Battery compartment on opposite side. Gray recording equipment on wall has fake plastic buttons. Reels spin to "play" music, and volume lights above reels turn on whenever any music is played. "Quiet Please... Recording in Progress" light turns on only when recording is in progress. Sound plays from green and ivory speaker on wall.

Recording desk has both pretend and functional buttons. Six pretend sound switches slide up and down. Two white functional buttons on left of desk will play chosen reel or allow user to record their own voice over the track. Right side of desk includes volume knob and buttons that play three saved recordings from users. There is also a button to switch between songs with vocals or songs with backing instrumentals only. Users can choose to record their voice with either one and save up to three recordings. Recording desk also includes pretend gray microphone and functional white volume lights. Red button on right of desk plays pre-recorded phrases from recording studio.

Recording room includes faux wooden floor and orange and green walls. Back side of studio has faux brick wall. Floor folds up so outer wall can move and set can fold smaller. Adjustable black and gray plastic microphone swivels out from wall. Gray plastic hook on wall holds headphones. Green and ivory "speakers" on wall in recording room contain microphones that pick up users' voices for the recording feature; the plastic microphone itself is not functional. Clear plastic windows on both sides.



Loose items included with Melody's Recording Studio.

Four gray plastic sound reels. Three song reels include "This Little Light of Mine," "Lift Your Voice and Sing," and "Let Me Help You." Songs will play when the corresponding reel is placed on the equipment, and users can choose to record using these tracks. The reels are placed on the right side of the recording equipment. The left side contains an unmarked fourth reel. All reels spin when placed on equipment.

Office Chair[]

Silver plastic chair with green seat cushion and faux green cushions on arm rests.

Music Stand[]

Black metal music stand.

Sheet Music[]

Eight paper song sheets. Sheets fit in gray folders on side of recording desk. Songs include "I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always," "Move On Up," "Special Melody," "This Little Light of Mine," "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and "Let Me Help You." "Special Melody" and "Let Me Help You" have two sheets each.


Green plastic headphones with black plastic ear cushions.


Sticker sheet. Stickers include a clock, recording calendar, chalkboard, record covers, and signs with the studio's name, "Groove Records."


  • American Girl based the studio's design on the design of Studio A in Detroit.