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Meet Cécile: An American Girl is the second book in the Marie-Grace and Cécile series. It was included with the Cécile doll when purchased; with the collection's archival, it could be purchased separately.



Only in Meet Cécile[]

Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Kings and Chocolate[]

Chapter Two: Free People of Color[]

Chapter Three: A New Friend and Good News[]

Chapter Four: Mardi Gras Season[]

Chapter Five: Dancing Fairies[]

Chapter Six: Secrets and Promises[]

Looking Back: New Orleans in 1853[]

Discusses the history of free people of color in New Orleans. Topics covered:

  • New Orleans in the 1850s and how it differed from other cities in America
  • Educated slaves and free people of color who owned businesses
  • Daily life, education, and expectations of children from wealthy families
  • French and Spanish laws that allowed slaves to earn money and buy their own freedom when Louisiana was under European rule
  • How gens de couleur libres from both America and Saint-Domingue influenced New Orleans culture
  • Prejudice faced by gens de couleur libres of New Orleans from Américains following the Louisiana Purchase, due to cultural and religious differences
  • Laws enacted by the American government to limit the rights of gens de couleur libres in New Orleans
  • How European immigration changed New Orleans, such as the use of the English language at schools, businesses, and government
  • The role gens de couleur libres played in the development and culture of New Orleans
  • Segregated areas for white people and gens de couleur libres at entertainment venues such as concerts and balls
  • The unique identity among New Orleans' gens de couleur libres, working together to help the less fortunate and pressing for greater equality in government, despite being forbidden to vote

Glossary of French Words/Preview[]

A glossary of the French words Cécile's family uses and a preview of Marie-Grace and the Orphans.

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  1. Pg 73: Today [Cécile's] birthday was still a week away, yet she was almost trembling with excitement. Since Cecile's birthday is March 28th, the day of Armand's arrival would have been May 21th
  2. The books are more accurately a parallel.
  3. As Meet Cécile is told from Cécile's perspective, Lavinia is not identified by name.