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Kirsten's Meet Accessories.

The Meet Accessories are accessories that complement a Historical Character's meet outfit. This term was coined from both the titles of the historical books and the dolls themselves; the first Historical book was titled "Meet ______" and the Historical Characters were originally sold with their Meet Books.[1]

Prior to retirement, Best Friend Characters' also received meet accessories.

Originally, meet accessories for the main historical characters came in a set pattern. This was a form of hat or headwear, a method of carrying things such as a tote or purse, and a historically styled necklace. Many also received handkerchiefs and representative coinage of the era.[2] Kaya was the first to break the pattern; as Nimipuu people did not carry Western style money, or wear Western style hats frequently, she was not given either. After Julie, components varied, but a hat was frequently included with main characters and with a majority of Best Friend Characters.[3]

With the BeForever revamps, components began to vary but included at least three items: a hat or form of headwear, a purse, and some form of accessory. The exceptions are Maryellen, who is not given a hat, and Courtney has headphones but as hats were falling out of daily fashion for most people, she does not have one at all. Accessory sets re-expanded to a set of five or so components after the BeForever depreciation.

Meet Accessories are always offered to be bundled with the purchase of a Historical Character doll and her Meet Book for a discount; they can also be bought separately.

List of Meet Accessories

Historical Characters

Best Friend Characters


  1. Since BeForever, Historicals are sold with the first volume of their Classic Series, which includes the first three books.
  2. Kirsten instead received a wooden spoon.
  3. Emily was given a cardigan; Ruthie received hairclips and a watch.