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Maureen D'Amico is Courtney Moore's mother, whom she calls "Mom."

Facts and Personality

Maureen divorced her ex-husband, Bruce, when Courtney was two years old. Regardless, they get along; she has full custody of Courtney. When Courtney was five, she met Mike D'Amico, a widower, and his nine year old daughter Tina. They later married and had a son, Rafi.

Maureen is the assistant director of the Orange Valley parks and recreation department. In Courtney Changes the Game, she announces that with the upcoming resignation of the previous mayor, Mayor Alvarez, she has filed to be a candidate for mayor. She wishes to have a voice in shaping issues she cares about such as the environment (and encourages the family to do recycling) and implementing a curbside recycling program. Because of her campaign, the whole family is obligated to step up to help her out. Maureen used to pack Courtney's lunch for her, but with her mayoral campaign Courtney now does this for herself.[1]

By Courtney: Friendship Superhero the election has happened and she was not elected to the mayor position.

In The Books

Courtney Changes the Game

Courtney: Friendship Superhero


  1. Informational pamphlet with Courtney's school items in collection.