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For the accessory, see Maryellen's Television Console.

Maryellen TV Console is a software toy for iOS, released in 2015 to coincide with Maryellen Larkin's debut. The app is specifically designed for certain iPad models, such as the iPad 2, the third-generation iPad, the fourth-generation iPad, and the iPad Air, as it is intended to run as a companion app for the Maryellen's Television Console toy which acts as a specially-designed case for the aforementioned iPad models.


Users are presented with an interface resembling a 1950s-era television set, where they can watch pre-made stop-motion scenes made with the Maryellen doll, or record their own with a selection of templates and background music. Users can also listen to a number of 1950s-style music that came with the app. Videos produced using the app are stored in the device's Photos folder, and can be viewed within the app.