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The Maryellen doll.

The Maryellen Larkin doll was released in 2015.

Maryellen Doll[]

  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Red/Strawberry blonde, sideswept bangs, side part
  • Eyes: Dark hazel
    • Her eyes are a unique dark hazel shade that more emphasizes the brown color.

Meet Outfit[]


Maryellen with The One and Only.

Maryellen's meet outfit is intended to reflect the ultra-feminine emphasis and wide skirted petticoat-supported fashions of post-WW2 America, with some modifications for living in the tropics of Florida.


Striped cotton sundress. Striped cotton of pink, coral, and aqua on white background (orientation horizontal on bodice and skirt yoke, bias on straps, vertical on lower skirt). Sweetheart bodice (with slight lining at top) and thin shoulder straps. Aqua grosgrain ribbon trim with center bows at top of bodice and waistline. Velcros up the back.


Aqua knit cap sleeved bolero shrug. Lace diamond openwork motif. Stockinette stitch trim on sleeves and edges. Black embroidered cursive M monogram on left side.


Black T-strap leather matte shoes. Black plastic soles. Velcro closure.

Hair Ribbon[]

Aqua tied hair bow; attached to aqua terrycloth ponytail holder.


White stretch knit panties.

Meet Accessories[]

First Edition[]


Maryellen's Meet Accessories.


Aqua knit handbag. Cable knit design. White plastic handles attached.

Note: American Girl said initially the purse was crocheted; this was later corrected.


White stretch knit wrist gloves. Lace at cuffs. White ribbon bows on back of hands.


White pearl choker style necklace. Strung on elastic cord. Gold heart interlocking clasp and gold oval American Girl logo tag on back clasp.


White pearl choker bracelet. Strung on elastic cord.

Second Version[]

MaryellenAccessories 2019

Maryellen's Second Meet Accessories.

Maryellen's second set of Meet Accessories in 2019 added the following items:

Autograph Book[]

Blue vinyl rectangular autograph book. Cover has girl (white skin) with flipped black hair in aqua green dress with bow, surrounded by books, signing open book in front of her (only colors on picture green, white, and black) with AUTOGRAPHS in bouncing green block letters.

White unlined interior pages. First pages have autographs from characters that are Maryellen's friends:

  • Dear Maryellen, Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so are you! -Karen King
  • Dear Maryellen, Roses are red, Violets are blue, I bumped into a lamppost, And thought it was you! -Wayne Philpott
  • 2 good + 2 be = 4 gotten -Davy Fenstermacher
  • Dear Maryellen, I'm a girl who lives in the city, I'm a girl who lives in the town, I'm the girl who spoiled your book By writing upside down. -Karen Stohlman (This one is written upside down, befitting the theme.)

Rest of pages are blank until back page:

  • Dear Maryellen, Way back here Where no one will look I'll sign my name To close the book. Ciao! -Angela Terlizzi


Molded non functional red and silver click style ballpoint pen.


White square printed hemmed handkerchief. Red scalloped border. State of Florida in pink with Florida in cursive script underneath panhandle. Orange blossom in lower left corner. Images of flowers, airplane, palm trees, sun, seashell, and flamingo over the state with sail boat and dolphin off of west coast and wave lines.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

An outfit inspired by Maryellen's Meet Outfit was available:

  • Aqua Cardigan: $32
  • Striped Sweetheart Dress: $52

Mini Doll[]

Maryellen mini doll

Maryellen's mini doll.

A Maryellen mini doll was released when she debuted in 2015.


  • While Maryellen is disabled with one leg smaller than the other, this is not reflected in the doll.