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Maryellen Larkin is the fourteenth Historical Character, and the first BeForever exclusive character, representing the 1950s. Maryellen was released in 2015.

Personality and Facts

Maryellen (nicknamed Ellie) is an enthusiastic, optimistic, ambitious, and imaginative girl. She longs to stand out but often feels lost in the shuffle of her big, busy family. (She is often annoyed by the fact that when people meet her for the first time, they ask which sister she is in order, instead of treating her uniquely.) Her favorite TV shows include Davy Crockett and The Lone Ranger, and she dreams up episodes where she gets to be the hero.[5] Maryellen is seen as cheerful and curious by people meeting her for the first time.[6]

Maryellen had polio when she was seven years old during the Polio Epidemic of 1952. This resulted in one leg being weaker than the other and sensitive lungs. Despite her disability, she is a fast runner and excellent swimmer, and also enjoys roller skating.

She's quite energetic, tends to take charge, and is quite the leader. Maryellen is always full of big ideas, though most of them get her into trouble. She uses most of her ideas to bring attention to herself; however, this often causes disasters wherever she goes, because she impulsively follows through with her ideas without much thought. Maryellen is often considered "wild and tomboyish" by her sisters; some of her closest friends are boys and she's always playing the same things they do. She secretly wishes people would take her ideas seriously. She really wants to impress her parents, especially her mom, and wishes she was seen as a responsible woman with great clothes, like her sisters; to her, her older sisters have much more glamorous lives than her. Maryellen is used to receiving hand-me-downs due to being in a large family, and since she has two older sisters she often ends up having to do everything after they have. She is interested in fashion and wants clothes and outfits that are "chic and grown-up looking".

Though Maryellen likes to pretend she's her favorite heroes from TV, she's not as interested in heroes who use magic or super powers, since she's not able to use them in real life. Maryellen frequently compares her life to those shown on TV and expects her life to be more like those. She also likes to make up her own TV shows. She also shows interest in movies and music; her favorite actress is Debbie Reynolds. Though she often wishes to perform and be the center of attention, she has a hard time speaking in front of large groups of people and often gets stage fright.

Maryellen is a great artist and loves to draw and make gifts for her family. She's also highly interested in science, especially rocket science and medicine due to her history of having polio. Maryellen is open-minded and doesn't judge people by appearances or align with popular sentiment. Examples include continuing to be best friends with a boy even after being told that girls "don't do that" by Joan, and while many of her friends looked down on Italians (due to Italy being aligned with Germany and Japan during WWII) Maryellen befriends an Italian girl.

Her favorite subject is geography; she's interested in foreign lands, history, and languages. Her least favorite subject is handwriting because she is left-handed and so doesn't write as well, and created her own "cursive" style to suit her. Maryellen also loves to do mental math. She had been a Brownie Girl Scout prior to the series start, and has recently graduated to Girl Scouts when she entered into fourth grade.[7]

Maryellen's friends call her "the one, and only" because there's no one in the world quite like her. American Girl describes her as an inventive girl who stands out from the crowd.

Family and Friends

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The Maryellen doll.

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  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Red/Strawberry blonde, sideswept bangs, side part
  • Eyes: Dark Hazel


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  2. The Runaway starts in January 1956.
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