This article is about the 2019 abridged version. For the BeForever released unabridged version, see The One and Only.

Maryellen: The One and Only is the abridged first volume of Maryellen's series. It is included with the Maryellen doll when she is purchased starting in 2019, and is available separately.

Changes from The One and Only

  • New illustrations are integrated into the text and Looking Back sections.
  • The front of the books shows "Maryellen's Scrapbook," showing various locations, postcards, stickers, and doodles done by Maryellen. There is also, after the table of contents, an illustration of the All-Girls Room Maryellen shares with Carolyn and Joan.
  • The chapters are renamed to the following list:
  • "Chapter One: The Room Switcheroo"
  • "Chapter Two: The All-Girls Room"
  • "Chapter Three: Extraordinary, Not Extra Ordinary"
  • "Chapter Four: Taking Responsibility"
  • "Chapter Five: The Poodle Skirt"
  • "Chapter Six: Tickled Pink"
  • "Chapter Seven: Hand Me Down Teacher"
  • "Chapter Eight: The Lunch Bunch"
  • "Chapter Nine: Maryellen's Cold War"
  • "Chapter Ten: The One and Only Maryellen"
  • Chapter breaks start and end in different places as before, with breaks that append chapters differently; e.g. "Chapter One: The Room Switcheroo" ends at the paragraph where Maryellen worries that Mom and Joan think she is a messy little kid, and the part where Mom agrees to a trial of the All-Girls Room and Maryellen lets Davy know she will be cleaning and about the room switch is at the start of the next chapter, which is appended to "Chapter Two: Another Great Idea" (which has been renamed to "The All-Girls Room").
  • Maryellen and Davy repairing the painted door (originally at the start of "Chapter Five: Being Noticed") and her family discovering the fix is now moved to be prior to Maryellen getting her poodle skirt; the skirt is now purchased at the start of the chapter "The Poodle Skirt."
  • The section where Davy and Maryellen almost go bike riding together, only to be interrupted by Wayne Philpott and Beverly, is cut.
  • The details of the Geography Bee prizes--yo-yos--and Davy showing off a trick (and he and Maryellen exchanging what might be grins) is cut.
  • Chapters Ten through Thirteen, which contain the parallel to the holiday book, are removed.

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