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This article is about the 2019 abridged version. For the BeForever released unabridged version, see Taking Off.

Maryellen: Taking Off is the abridged second volume of Maryellen's series.

Changes from Taking Off

  • New illustrations are integrated into the text and Looking Back sections.
  • The front of the books shows "Maryellen's Scrapbook," showing a new series of various images of locations, postcards, stickers, and doodles done by Maryellen. There is also, after the table of contents, an illustration of the All-Girls Room Maryellen shares with Carolyn and Joan.
  • The chapters are renamed to the following list:
  • "Chapter One: Bridesmaids, Birthdays, and Brainstorms"
  • "Chapter Two: Variety"
  • "Chapter Three: Showbiz"
  • "Chapter Four: Who Do We Appreciate?"
  • "Chapter Five: Frozen"
  • "Chapter Six: Flying Machines"
  • "Chapter Seven: Westward Ho!"
  • "Chapter Eight: Fireworks"
  • "Chapter Nine: Disaster!"
  • "Chapter Ten: Home Sweet Home"
  • "Chapter Eleven: The Lunch Bunch"
  • "Chapter Twelve: Maryellen's Cold War"
  • "Chapter Thirteen: The Loony Ballonies"
  • Chapter breaks start and end in different places as before, with breaks that append chapters differently.
  • Several minor transitions and descriptions are removed e.g. the longer establishment of it being April and three weeks until Maryellen's birthday, and the various birthday party ideas that are dismissed and details about the crafting of the bridesmaid dresses in "Bridesmaids, Birthdays, and Brainstorms."
  • A long scene (originally in Chapter Two, "Rock Around the Clock")--where Maryellen and Kay are going to pick up Carolyn from a sock hop, there is a discussion of the bridesmaid dress and wedding planning, and Maryellen sees Carolyn dressed up for the dance--is removed.
  • A long transition after Maryellen is in the Memorial Day parade while she is at school is removed, as well as the end-of-school events. The chapter ("Flying Machines") instead focuses on the Science Club's first meetings and the failure of Skip and the others in their group to listen to Maryellen, Davy, and Wayne. (This also moves Davy and Maryellen's talks about the rules of the contest to when the three are returning to class instead of post end-of-school.)
  • The scenes around the arrival of the Airstream trailer and trip out west are are clipped, such as the neighbors' observing the new trailer, the tour inside, and Grandma and Grandpop arriving to mind the house while they are gone (and Grandmom talking with Maryellen and Kay and giving Maryellen a sketchbook to draw ideas in); the text is slimmed down to the arrival and discussion of the family trip west, and Jerry taking the girls out to eat as they are preparing to travel. Later specific scenes of the trip are also clipped down or removed.

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