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Maryellen's School Outfit.

Maryellen's School Outfit was introduced to Maryellen's Collection in 2015 and retired in 2018. It is paired with Maryellen's Classroom Set and associated with The One and Only. Retail cost was $32.


Purple and white gingham dress. White mock blouse sewn underneath with Peter Pan-style collar and black tie. Black trim around plaid dress neckline. Dress has three black buttons on chest, black grosgain ribbon on waist, and black trim midway around skirt. Bow is sewn into place on back.


Black headband with black grosgain bow on right side.


Plain white "bobby socks". These are identical to the socks in Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit.


Black faux patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Straps with velcro. Black soles.


  • Maryellen is frustrated at this outfit in the stories; she usually only gets to wear used clothes, which leads her to ask her mother if she can get a more popular poodle skirt outfit for school instead. Carolyn and Joan both comment that they also wore this dress in fourth grade when it is getting handed down to Maryellen. However, Joan would have been in fourth grade from 1946-1947; at this time, dresses and skirts were a lot more slim and often A-line, given the rationing of cloth in the 1940s that had not yet fully transitioned; a wider, fuller skirt would likely not have been in style.

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