The Marvelous Mermaid Outfit as seen on Camille.

The Marvelous Mermaid Outfit was a WellieWishers outfit released in 2017 and retired in 2019. It is associated with the stories Ashlyn's Unsurprise Party and Camille's Mermaid Tale. Retail cost was $20.


Blue foil scale sleeveless mermaid dress. Small skirt around waist indicates where "tail" starts. Pink satin ruffles on tails and around neckline. Pink plastic starfish decoration below neck.


Pink plastic crown with star cutout.


  • This outfit is a simplified version of the mermaid outfit in book illustrations. While it follows the same general design and structure, the fabric colors and styles are different. In illustrations, the top is made out of a light blue fabric. The main piece of the tail is a green scale fabric, and the bottom pieces of the tail are the same blue fabric as the top. In this outfit, a blue scale fabric is used for all of these pieces.
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