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Marie-Grace and the Orphans is the third book in the Marie-Grace and Cécile series.



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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Knock at Night

Chapter Two: Help!

Chapter Three: Philip's Future

Chapter Four: A Secret Plan

Chapter Five: Marie-the-Great

Chapter Six: Desperate Measures

Looking Back: Orphans in America 1853

Discusses orphanages in the 1800s. Topics covered:

  • Common causes of orphanhood among children, such as a father's death, the inability for mothers to work and provide care at the same time, and diseases
  • The numerous orphanages built across the United States following various epidemics between 1830 to 1860
  • The status among children in orphanages and immigrant children's vulnerability to diseases
  • Charity fundraisers and efforts to keep orphanages of various religious denominations in operation
  • Daily life, education, rules and guidelines of orphanages
  • Orphanages for orphaned and abandoned free children of color

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