Margaret Kittredge is the mother of Kit Kittredge. Kit refers to her as "Mother".

Personality and Facts

Kit's mother who takes care of her family and their home with strength and determination. Kit's mother is clever just as Kit is and brainstormed the whole idea to take in boarders into the Kittredge's home. Kit's mother doesn't have living parents; it is expressly stated by Uncle Hendrick that her mother has passed on. Uncle Hendrick is her only surviving relative. Margaret Margaret likely grew up in a higher status than she currently occupies; it is implied she was raised in a wealthy or upper class household, given her participation in a garden club and Uncle Hendrick's attitude towards her lifestyle, disparaging of Jack and their low--though middle class--standard of living, and lamentations that if Margaret's mother could see her now, it would break her heart.

Kit's mother decorated Kit's room pink, as she felt it would be a girl's dream room, suggesting that she is a little more "flouncy" than her daughter. Kit's mother likes everything "just so", especially when she hosts her garden club at her home. Mother almost never scolded Kit before the Depression began to affect their household, or lectured her about daily chores and things like dusting properly.

Kit's mother is very concerned about her appearance and perceived status, and has a lot of pride like Kit does. This was especially evident when Aunt Millie came to stay, bringing her "country ways" to the Kittredge's home, and Margaret felt that Aunt Millie was taking over her home especially when she started to use the garden for growing food and raising chickens. She also thinks that it is a countrified thing to call Aunt Millie as such--as she is not a biological aunt--and prefers to call her Miss Mildred. However, she is willing to do what's necessary to keep her family supported. She is also the kind of person that, as Kit describes, is not stopped once her mind is made up. With the boarders, she insists on making sure things are nice at mealtimes, doing her best to stretch the meals for them all and present things nicely.

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In The Film

Margaret is portrayed differently in her film depiction; she is not as prim and proper, and does most of the roles and ideas that Aunt Millie did in the books since Aunt Millie is not cast as a character. She isn't as hesitant about taking on odd jobs to get by, such as selling eggs and taking in boarders.

She is portrayed by Julia Ormond.

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