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Margaret Kittredge is the mother of Kit Kittredge. Kit refers to her as "Mother".

Personality and Facts

Margaret Kittredge--Kit's mother--comes from a well-established and wealthy Cincinnati family. At the start of the series, she doesn't have any living parents; it is expressly stated by Uncle Hendrick that her mother has passed on, and there is no mention of her father, with her uncle Hendrick as her only surviving relative. Hendrick frequently says that if Margaret's mother could see her now, it would break her heart; he also disparages Jack's background and upbringing and their low--though middle class--standard of living. It is likely that Margaret married below her perceived class.

Margaret likes everything to be just so, especially when she was the hose of her garden club at her home, and has personal pride in the appearance of her home and family. As the Depression takes hold she must give up much of her fine living, but still tries to keep things very prim and fine looking. She almost never scolded Kit before the Depression affected their life or lectured her about daily chores like dusting properly; she wants the boarders to feel that they are living in a fine household, and even as she has to stretch meals to cover everyone she tries to present things nicely.

Margaret is as clever as Kit; it was her idea to take in borders to the home to help the family stay in their house, and despite her elegance she is not too proud to do what's needed to ensure her family is supported or offer hospitality to those in needs, such as inviting the Howards to live with the family casually rather than allow them the shame of ending up without a place to stay or confronted about a lack of money. Once her mind is made up, she is determined to follow through.

Margaret still maintains high standards and can sometimes find many things low-class or improper and worries about her perceived status. For example she finds it countrified to call Aunt Millie as such--as she is not a biological aunt to Jack--and prefers to call her "Miss Mildred". She also was upset when Aunt Millie did things such as use the garden space for growing food and raising chickens in the backyard.

Kit is Margaret's only daughter and she sometimes ignores her wishes; she decorated her room in pink and with flounces and ruffles, as she perceived it to be a young girl's dream room, and often expects Kit to be more ladylike than she is.

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In Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Margaret is portrayed differently in her film depiction, in that she is not as prim and proper as in the books. Since Aunt Millie is not cast, ideas such as raising chickens and growing food become hers, and she is not hesitant to take on odd jobs or take in boarders.

She is portrayed by Julia Ormond.