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Manners and Mischief: A Samantha Classic Volume 1 is a bound book of the first three books of Samantha's Central Series. It was included with the Samantha doll when she wa purchased and could be purchased separately until the release of Samantha: The Gift.

Stories Included

Changes and Added Transitions

  • Meet Samantha: "Chapter Six: A Fine Young Lady" is renamed "A Sense of Value."
  • Samantha Learns a Lesson: Chapter One: Notes and Knee Bends (now Chapter Seven) includes a transitional paragraph explaining that Samantha avoids the lilac tunnel in her backyard for the rest of the summer as it makes her miss Nellie, and she's happy to see her other friends in the fall.
  • Samantha's Surprise: "Chapter One: Christmas Wishes" (now Chapter Thirteen) has a transitional paragraph of Samantha walking home from school in December, descriptions of Mount Bedford being decorated for Christmas, and how she and Nellie are planning decorations for the house. Then there is a small line of Ida Dean calling her name and surprising her before the original text starts.
  • Samantha's Surprise: "Chapter Five: Exchanging Gifts" is split into two chapters. Chapter Seventeen, "A Guessing Game" contains the Christmas Eve sleigh ride and getting the tree; Chapter Eighteen, "Exchanging Gifts" includes Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day and the exchange of gifts.

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