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Makena: See Me, Hear Me, Know Me is the first book about Makena Williams. It is included with the doll when purchased and is available separately as part of World by Us.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary

Meet The Author and Illustrator/Advisory Board

The dedication, information about the author and illustrator, and advisory board are listed at the front of the book before two pages about World by Us and Makena.

Chapter One: Back in Style

Chapter Two: Together Again

Chapter Three: Bringing My Shine

Chapter Four: We Walk Together

Chapter Five: A Powerful Thing

Chapter Six: When Right Goes Wrong

Chapter Seven: Words Hurt

Chapter Eight: Fashion Speaks

Chapter Nine: One Cold Day

Chapter Ten: See Me, Hear Me, Know Me

Chapter Eleven: A Gift Worth Celebrating

Standing Up to Racism

Includes promotion of the book A Smart Girl's Guide: Race and Inclusion.

Meet Brandice Daniel: Founder of Harlem's Fashion Row

Reader Questions

Discussion questions for readers about the events of the story.


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  1. Makena and her family goes shopping for new clothes three days before school starts. School starts on a Tuesday; the date is unstated but possibly the Tuesday after Labor Day, thus setting the start of the book likely near the start of September.
  2. The day of the fashion show.