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Lydia Livingston is the cousin of Caroline Abbott.

Basic Facts[]


Personality and Facts[]

Lydia is about two years older than Caroline, turning twelve sometime in the fall.[2] She is a little more ladylike than Caroline, but still enjoys things such as sailing and spinning tops. She and Rhonda Hathaway get along after meeting, which makes Caroline feel left out as she does not want to be very ladylike like they do.

Lydia, her parents, and her brother were residents of Upper Canada (now Ontario) and thus British citizens; they move back to New York two days before Caroline's tenth birthday.

In The Books[]

Meet Caroline[]

Lydia comes out with Caroline, her Uncle John, and her brother Oliver on the sailing of the White Gull in Lake Ontario. Lieutenant Morris assures that she will be escorted home to Kingston and allowed to be picked up by her parents when informed that she and Caroline are aboard. Lydia gives a soft goodbye to Caroline when they part, not knowing when they will see each other again due to the war.

Caroline's Secret Message[]

Lydia and her parents move back to New York in secret and board with the Abbotts.

A Surprise for Caroline[]

Changes for Caroline[]

Sometime before Caroline Takes a Chance, Lydia and her family move out of the Abbott home and onto a new farm outside of Sackets Harbor.

The Smuggler's Secrets[]


  1. Aaron Livingston is Mama's brother, and Grandmother is their mother; therefore, Grandmother is Lydia's paternal grandmother.
  2. Her portrait data states she is eleven in Caroline's Secret Message, and twelve in A Surprise for Caroline.