Lula Morgan, also known as Auntie Lula, is an older woman who is the cook on the plantation Addy lives on. She is a grandmother figure to Addy.



Auntie Lula is the cook on the plantation. She is quick minded, a healer, and caring toward the Walkers. While she, Solomon, and the Walkers are not related by blood, they consider each other family.

In The Books

Meet Addy: An American Girl

Auntie Lula sometimes sneaks food away from the kitchen for the Walkers to eat. When Addy learns that Sam and Poppa will be sold, Auntie Lula offers the plan for her sneak out and offer water to them out in the field so that she can warn Sam and Poppa.

Auntie Lula keeps Esther for Momma since she can't be brought on the run to freedom.

Changes for Addy: A Winter Story

Auntie Lula is found on the church steps with Esther by Addy one night. She and Uncle Solomon left the plantation soon after being freed.

She dies soon after arriving back with the family, two days before Christmas.

In Addy: An American Girl Story

Aunt Lula is played by the multi-character actress who also plays Miss Dunn and Sarah Moore's mother. Because of the framing of the story, the characters never overlap. She returns at the end with Esther, and the story ends before any deaths.


  1. Changes for Addy, Bertha Gilbert's letter, pg. 9: "I am writing to inform you that Solomon and Lula Morgan came to a freedman's camp where I've been working."